Pyramid Game Episode 7 Recap and Explained: Viu presents a Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. The plot revolves around a game conducted by a class of students at Baekyeon Girls High School. The students vote for their favourite five students every month, which leads a person to get bullied on the lowest group each month. Things get changed when a transferred student joins the game.

Episode 7 opens with Sung Soo Ji having a conversation with a hacker brother at the convenience store. Sung Soo Ji looks at the surveillance footage files from the class on the computer. Sung Soo Ji kept thinking about the things Baek Ha Rin said.

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She had no choice but to delete the folders. Sung Soo Ji selected all the files at a time and almost clicked the delete button on the computer. The hacker guy from the convenience store kept looking at her, thinking about what she was going to do with it. The next day, the whole went on a trip to Busan.

During the trip, Sung Soo Ji seems nervous and less active. Meanwhile, others having fun with their friends. Sung Soo Ji kept thinking about the things Baek Ha Rin told her about transferring his father. On the way to Busan, Baek Ha Rin and Sung Soo Ji look at each other’s eyes. Im Ye Rim and Myung Ja Eun is having a good time with their friends.

They first travelled on a bus, and later transferred to a cruise boat. Baek Ha Rin kept texting other girls to do whatever she said. Baek Ha Rin involved everyone’s family in the pyramid game mess and started blackmailing all the girls who supported Sung Soo Ji.

Baekyeon group director, Baek Ha Rin’s father had a conversation with other parents of same-class students. One of the parents raised him a request to look after the game they have been playing, he’s worried that the kids going overboard with the game. Baek Ha Rin’s father also had the same thought before to stop the game. One of the parents informed that Baek Ha Rin tried involve with Sung Soo Ji’s parent, who’s a lieutenant Colonel of the Korean military.

The next day everyone seems enjoying some time near a resort, the classroom came in and asked to form a group of five members. After forming the new groups, the classroom teacher divided everyone into different rooms.

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Sung Soo Ji gets a call from his father who’s concerned about her health. At the same time, Baek Ha Rin blackmailed Im Ye Rim and her girlfriend before making her first debut as an idol. Baek Ha Rin tries her best to make everyone is under her nose. Later, everyone went to an underwater exhibition, where everyone tries a little underwater swimming. While Baek Ha Rin looking at the water, Bang Woo Yi pushes her into the water. She got pretty much desparate to go against Baek Ha Rin after lots of pressure from her bullying.

Myung Ja Eun witnessed Baek Ha-Rin struggling inside the water, she suddenly jumped into the water to save Baek Ha-Rin. Later that night, everyone gathered at the beach, lighting up the lamps, Sung Soo-Ji’s friends came with a cake to celebrate her birthday. They planned to watch a horror thriller movie that night while eating fried chicken. Everyone seems terrified after watching a horror movie.

Two more friends joined with them with a bunch of chicken to eat. Pyo Ji Ae expressed her feelings in front of everyone and apologized to Sung Soo Ji. Baek Ha Rin’s father expressed his idea of transferring Baek Ha Rin to another country, but her grandmother opposed it.

Myung Ja Eun suddenly got a call from her mother and went outside the hotel, she saw Baek Ha Rin standing along with her mother. Baek Ha Rin now took control of Myung Ja Eun’s mother also and she expressed her madness on Myung Ja Eun. The next day morning, everyone went for a shooting game. Everyone got separated into different groups according to their hotel stay.

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A group student raised a request with the class students, she told everyone to join a game, and whoever got the highest number of watercolour bullets would be transferred to the group. Everyone kept shooting at each other, Baek Ha Rin shot Myung Ja Eun and others shot the black dress squad which is Sung Soo Ji’s group. All of her friends entered the group, they were ordered to betray each other but insisted on shooting themselves other than going against one another.

Overall the seventh episode looks messed up in a lot of ways. The negative shades of students are portrayed highly in this episode. The rivalry between Baek Ha Rin and Sung Soo Ji lost it’s depth and intensity. Let’s see how the game develops in the next episodes.



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