3 Body Problem Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents an eight-episodic thriller science fiction series “3 Body Problem”. This series was created by the creators of the popular series “Game of Thrones”. A series of murders happened related to scientists and a game was introduced to the friends of the dead scientists. As they played the game it made them unable to escape from it and started unveiling more mysteries related to it.

As the aliens try to come to Earth, the scientist makes a team with the government to defend the country and stop them from coming. Episode 6 starts with a news report in television saying mass panic continuing worldwide after the “Eye in the Sky event”. Millions of people are taken to the street after the revelation that an alien named as San-Ti is coming to Earth.

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Says many nations have deployed their militaries in an attempt to stop the arrivals even though it will take almost 400 years for aliens to reach the Earth. Every country started their preparations. People are doing violence showing protest against the aliens. Also, not everyone is in fear of the arrival of the San-Ti, some are welcoming them too. Some religious groups have started to worship the San-Ti as for them, the aliens are saviours, not aggressors.

Jin Cheng meets Ye Wenjie in the interrogation room. Jin Cheng is very angry with Ye Wenjie. But Ye Wenjie is very silent. Jin Cheng tells her everyone’s terrified, people are killing themselves, and that too has most of her followers. She tells Ye Wenjie that she made everyone into hell and asks why Vera had to die and why Rooney had to die.

They were good people and why they were slaughtered like this? Ye Wenjie tells about a poster she saw when her father was executed. It had a slogan “Destroy the old world, Forge the new world”. That’s what Ye Wenjie is believing. She thinks the aliens come and make this world a better place. Jin Cheng tells Ye Wenjie a traitor and leaves the room.

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Cut to Wychwood Manor, a meeting happening with the researchers and government officials about stopping alien invasion. Wade gathered them there as it was their next base to defend the San-Ti. Wade says the San-Ti are real and they have declared war on us. He planned on fighting back against them. Wade asks if their Sophons can see and hear everything, won’t they know our plans too? Wade says they can’t lie that he knows from the Mike Evans transcripts. And tells them they’ve only got two Sophons and that took them millions of years to build it. Their technology moves very slowly but ours moves fast that’s why they are going after our research.

Wade says we are gonna launch a probe to intercept the enemy’s fleet. They sent their Sophons to Earth to learn about us and Wade plans to do the same to them. But the researcher says it would take 398 years to meet them. But Wade asks them about doing what they did that can do immediately. But researchers say that’s impossible. Wade meets Jin Cheng seeking help with his mission of sending a probe.

Wade tells her that there are only two Sophons, they can be anywhere but not everywhere. So he ordered every particle accelerator on the planet to start up again 24×7 so that it would keep Sophons busy.

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But Jin Cheng says it won’t affect it that much as one Sophon can circum navigate through the planet in 8 seconds. Wade says there are 2000 accelerators and if you align the schedules and have experiments on opposite sides of the globe that happen at regular intervals can make one Sophon go indefinitely. Jin Cheng says it better make one on the moon too. Wade tells her to find him a way to get a probe to 1% light speed or faster using current technologies. And if she can come up with a solution she can come to Wychwood Manor and present her proposal.

Jin Cheng comes to Wychwood Manor and proposes her plan which is to use nuclear bombs on the path to the San-Ti fleet and detonate a series of events like one explosion to another, thus making the probe move much faster at the light of 1.14% light speed after 1000s of explosions.

Other researchers oppose the plan as it needs rewrite many amendments related to nuclear usage and it costs trillion dollars for something that only comes after 400 years. Wade likes the idea and tells Jin Cheng he will arrange an office for her. Meanwhile, Auggie Salazar, Will and Auggie Salazar is somewhere on vacation to free from this stress.

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Raj comes to meet Wade and asks to make him in the nuclear space fleet team. Wade allows him and says he needs to be on the team going to the moon. Jin Cheng comes to meet Will and others. Jin Cheng asks Auggie Salazar to join the team. Auggie Salazar tells about Panama missions and tells Jin to ask her boyfriend. Jin asks Raj about the Panama mission.

Raj and Jin have a quarrel on that matter. Clarence meets Ye Wenjie at the jail. Clarence asks about why Vera died that day. From the transcripts, there is no mention of Mike Evans’s daughter Vera. Ye Wenjie says one day Vera saw their messages and didn’t speak a word and then she died. Ye Wenjie asks Clarence if there is no charges against her and why can’t she go.

Clarence releases Ye Wenjie after Wade’s permission and tells his assistant to watch her and report her movements every 4 hours. Will tells Auggie Salazar to go help Jin Cheng on this mission. Jin Cheng needs Auggie Salazar’s intelligence and she came all over here. Jin tells Wade there is a problem with acceleration, but Wade tells her it’s all okay because they are sending a human to space for it. Auggie Salazar came to join the mission. Ye Wenjie was released and reached her home. Will went for an appointment at “The Stars Our Destination”.

Overall the episode had so many things going on. Now the plans on the mission have started and Auggie Salazar joined the team, looks interesting for the coming episode.

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