Reina Roja (The Red Queen) Episode 2: Amazon Prime presents an investigation thriller series called ‘Red Queen’. The show is based on a novel of the same title. The plot revolves around an extremely intelligent woman and a normal detective teaming up to solve impossible cases.

Some unexpected murders occur, and Antonia Scott and Jon Gutierrez team up to solve them.

The second episode begins with the killer cutting hair of Carla in an abandoned building. On the other side, Carla’s father was travelling to London on a flight, he seemed worried about his daughter and called her. The killer took the call from her father and replied. Ramon Ortiz questioned his whereabouts and what happened to Carla. Ramon offered a huge sum of money, by the killer rejected it, he needed something that cost very much for Ramon.

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The next day morning, Gutierrez got a call from a mentor. He woke up ate breakfast and left with mentor. The Mentor explained about the secret organisation in his country. The Red Queen is an organisation used to catch violent and rare criminals which was hard to catch by local cops. This organisation works on a secret mode, Antonia Scott is an important person in their organisation. The mentor assigned Gutierrez to follow Antonia Scott to solve all new cases.

The killer was shown writing some things in a religious book, he kept murmuring some words about sinners. Carla woke up losing her hair and kept crying inside the room. The killer got frustrated after hearing her cry, he took an iron rod stick and hit the door, Carla got traumatized after hearing the hits. Gutierrez visited Antonia Scott’s hospital to meet her, while talking with her, she suddenly talked about a kidnapping case. Later, they both went to meet Carla’s father Ramon at his house.

They acted like Interpol agents, Antonia Scott searched and analysed the whole house with her special abilities. Anti kidnapping unit was already asking questions to Ramon, suddenly Antonia Scott came in and asked him, what really the kidnapper asked him on the phone. Ramon got triggered by the question and asked everyone to leave.

The Kidnapper revealed his name as Ezequiel. He ordered Carla to tell her mobile password, but she didn’t give it to him. Ezequiel threatened her in an extreme way, later she told her password. Carla seemed traumatized and cried a lot in these times. Same time on the other side, Antonia Scott found Carla’s password, which was hidden at her house, while she was trying to spot her location, Ezequiel already logged in and changed the password. Antonia Scott got suspicious on a place where Carla used to visit. After they enquired with her husband of Carla, they left to search that place.

Antonia Scott and Gutierrez started searching everywhere at the place, at some point, they guessed the presence of criminal activity at the place. After some time, they found the deceased body of Carla’s car driver lying on the ground completely rotten, also they saw a horse dead and decaying on the ground. Suddenly a red car popped up from nowhere and tried to hit Antonia Scott. She somehow escaped and started driving their car to chase it.

After rushing onto the highway roads, at some point, both cars reached an extreme speed limit, an unexpected vehicle entry in between their cars caused a mess. Later that night, cops got mad about the incident and told them to stop investigating the case. In the end of the second episode, Carla heard a girl voice from the next prison and tried to talk with her through holes in the hall.

Overall the second episode looks intriguing and thrilling. The suspense elements started pouring into the show. The car chase sequence was executed well. The episode was very engaging till the end.

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