Wedding Impossible Episode 9 and Episode 10 Release Date: Prime Video presents “Wedding Impossible” a twelve-episodic Korean romantic comedy-drama. Na A Jeong is a junior artist who has a dream of becoming a great actress and helps her old friend Lee Do Han to marry him and live with him for 3 years.

Lee Do Han’s grandfather asked him to take over his empire after marrying Yoon Chae Won. But in order to leave all these things Lee Do Han tells him he is in a relationship with Na A Jeong. They plan a contract marriage. But Lee Do Han’s brother Lee Ji Han doesn’t want this marriage to happen. Lee Ji Han opposes it for making the plan happen but later it changes when he starts falling in love with Na A Jeong. As they both started loving each other things between Lee Do Han and them started to become complicated.

As we know Lee Ji Han opposed their marriage because he thought Na A Jeong was fake and she was using Lee Do Han for her benefit. Lee Do Han used Na A Jeong to avoid getting heir to the LJ group. Lee Do Han introduced Na A Jeong to the family. But the grandfather accepting their marriage and not changing his decision on making Lee Do Han the next heir was very unexcepted for Lee Do Han. Both families met each other sorted out everything and got ready for their marriage.

Lee Ji Han started getting thoughts of Na A Jeong even if he tried to avoid her. When Lee Ji Han started to avoid Na A Jeong she also started getting affection towards Lee Ji Han. Lee Do Han’s siblings leak the info about Na A Jeong to the reports. As the reports started enquiring about Na A Jeong at her home she shifted her stay to Lee Do Han’s house. Even at Lee Do Han’s house Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong started getting temptations on each other. They were unable to face each other with the feelings inside them.

Lee Do Han’s ex-boyfriend met Lee Ji Han and told them about the secret that Lee Do Han opposed the marriage. Lee Ji Han and Lee Do Han have a quarrel and fight each other about the selfish act of Lee Do Han. The Chairman started transferring his shares to Lee Do Han and told Lee Do Han to take over the company. Na A Jeong’s sister saw the contract papers and shouted at Na A Jeong. Na A Jeong came back to her home as the reporters stopped asking.

Na A Jeong’s sister asked her if she is okay with the marriage. Na A Jeong went for shooting in a small role. Lee Ji Han comes there to see her with the food for the crews with Na A Jeong’s photo. Lee Ji Han calls Na A Jeong and asks her to come outside. As they chat Lee Ji Han proposes Na A Jeong and tells her that he likes her. Na A Jeong also tells her love to Lee Ji Han. As they kiss they start their love relationship at the sixth episode ending.

As their love started and just four episodes left for the finishing of the drama we can see many good moments in upcoming episodes. From the promo, we can see that their kissing was captured by someone and shown to Lee Do Han by a sibling. As Lee Do Han gets to know about their relationship we can expect some clash between the brothers. Let’s see how they are gonna move on with this.

Amazon Prime will release Episode 9 on 25th March and Episode 10 on 26th March. All eight episodes are available to stream on Amazon Prime with Korean language and English subtitles.



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