“Ishura” Episode 8: “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. The show is a weekly release show and as of 7 Episodes of the show are now streaming on Hotstar and here goes the recap of Episode 8.

In this article, we are gonna discuss about recap of the eighth episode but before this let’s have a quick recap of the story of this Anime series. There was an age of The Demon King where he controlled the whole world but after his death, all the heroes around the world gathered together to prove their powers.

After the True Demon king died, The enemy of the world was defeated by some unknown. But even now, the powers left behind writhe in multitude. They can’t be subdued by ordinary strength. A hundred shura-like demons also be defeated. The World’s largest City, Aureatia, proceeds with the selection of a hero while the leader of the New Principality of Lithia, Taren, the guarded seeks new order & governs through fear.

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Lastly, we saw bombardment in the Aureatia done by Lithia. But, lets back to few hours ago. We see Yuno was taken by Lithia. She also met with Dakai. Dakai said that Mandrake known as Higuare can’t ride a horse. But we know that he was just trying to kill her that’s why he attached himself to the Horse. Dakai said he had a very important guest, so he left Watching Dakai, Yuno remembered the words of Hidow .

Hidow told her about Dakai, a Swordsman who carries a blue enchanted sword with him. Yuno understands he is behind Nagan’s golem awakening as per the words of Hidwo .

Dakai said the scholer wanted to explore the Labyrinth so they wanted to solve the Great Labyrinth in the first place. Which means the city must be destroyed sooner or later. Was there even a single person who predicted that the dungeon Golem would start moving after someone Reached in the heart of the Labyrinth? She also stated about their conspiracy to start the war. Dakai said it’s not in his hands as people are free to choose if they like war or not .

After hearing the words of Dakai, Yuno started thinking that everyone is the same. Dakai, and Soujirou all are strong people & they don’t even think of those who get trampled on. Yuno said she must take revenge but she knows that she is so weak that can’t fight with him. Dakai said that he will set her free soon.

Higuera, Shalk, Taren, Regnejee everyone sit together to discuss about the war. Shalk admitted to the power of Soujirou. Meanwhile, Taren said after the True Demon king died, the most important thing to rule over the world is ” fear”. She wants to rule the people by Fear. She will start the war as soon as possible. The light of the Cold Star shall serve to illuminate her will to crush any opposition. Whoever wants to her opponent she will kill that person.

Higuera, Shalk is ready to serve her & others too. She ordered Regnejee to eliminate any obstacles & take down the Mage city. She added more to cut off their supply lines & Isolate them & show them the terror or the Wyverns first. Regnejee went to do his job.

Mage city aft r the Bombardment the people of city is in a very bad situation. The Wyvern army badly destroyed the City. Right then, Harghent takes the charge. He understood that stone-dropping is the mode of their attack. He understood that their enemy possessed the intelligence to use ground tactics. Multiple enemies dropped stones & attacked the city.

The new Principality of Lithia has broken the treaty. So, the war must be started. Right then, a stone fell on his leg & he fell down. Then we saw a bunch of Wyverns is ready to attack him when they came close to kill him, He saw something miracle. A magic bullet killed down those bunch of Wyverns. The Wyverns who are flying in the sky are destroyed within a flash of seconds. Who is it?

It’s ” Alus ‘ The Star Runner”. Only he can able to beat the Swarm or Wyverns, on the other side the people of Mage city also rise up to take revenge. Now the real game is just begun. Alus killed all the Wyverns & went to search Regnejee. Right that moment ” Nihilo also joined in this battle. She was doing the ground attack. That’s how Mage city defended from Lithia’s attack.

At the time of the Bombardment, we saw Elea with Kia searching for Lana. Kia used words art to find Lana but Elea alerted her not to use power to attract more enemies. The power of Kia is so powerful that she can make everyone fall asleep from a distance. After a lot of try they finally found Lana. Lana finally understands that Kia is that World Word. But they have more problems in front of them.

In the prison, while they are trying to help Lana escape they encounter with Higuare. How did they tackle him? Lana after knowing that Kia is no one but World Word herself, told it to Higuare, so that she can move from the Target of Tare. Lana also understood that Elea is come here to kill her. Higuare doesn’t want to talk more he just attacked on Kia. But Kia just stopped his sword attacks by speaking one word. Higuare understood that he can’t able to defeat her. Kia said one sentence ” Protect them from anything dangerous” & looks like Higuare destroyed himself alone.

The powerful Mandrake died within few seconds. later they went to find Lana. So, it’s not Kia who killed Higuare. It’s something more powerful. Higuare chooses to use poisonous gas which is Gus attack method that affects everyone present in that time. This enabled “Nautique The quiet singer, The wielder of a lethal blade, to thrust Death’s Fang into Higuare. Kuze was standing there & anybody who tried to kill him will definitely died. The name of the assassin cursed with the Angle of Death is Kuze the Passing Disaster.

This episode is good though. A new world war is just begun. We saw the power of Alus & Kia , the World Word. Let’s see what gonna happen. Because we still haven’t seen Soujirou yet.

Eight episodes of ” Ishura” are currently streaming now in Disney plus Hotstar with Japanese language along with subtitles.



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