“Ishura” Episode 2 Explained: “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same name. In this article, we are gonna discuss a recap of the first episode, but before this, let’s have a quick recap of the story of this anime series.

After defeating the demon king, champions from around the world are trying to prove who will be the “One true Hero.” It’s a series of challengers who are participating in the world’s toughest challenge to prove themselves.

The last episode was the starting point of this adventure. We see the introduction of Yuno & Soujirou. They are ready for their first mission. What’s waiting for them? Let’s know in this recap.

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In the starting of episode 2, we get to know what actually happened in the past when the Demon King died. After the Demon King’s death, the enemy of the world that filled the horizon with fear was defeated by someone. On that day, that lone hero still remained unknown both in name & existence. After that, the Age of Fear ended, and it’s now the time to find out the real hero.

“New Principality in Lithia,” a general named “Taren, The Guarded,” has broken away from Aureatia, the only minian Kingdom. Taren declared independence for the regional city along the canal that she possessed. And then she named that place “the New Principality of Lithia.” This was also a serious military provocation that threatened Aureatia’s control over the frontier.

That day, ‘Lana: The Moon Tempest’ was scheduled to return to Lithia after being dispatched as a spy by Taren. But the group of Wyverns is coming towards. She was coming in a horse carriage along with Higuare. There is also a skeleton who thinks whoever inside has the flesh will be eaten by those Wyverns. However, Higuare can eliminate all of them. From Higuare, we get to know that he believed Master Taren is the self-proclaimed Demon King. Wait, is it really true? Let’s know next.

Soujirou In 'Ishura' Character Explained
Soujirou In ‘Ishura’

He isn’t the true Demon king, as per we know from this episode. “Higuare: the Pelagic,” that’s how Higuare is known to everyone. On the other side, the skeleton one is known as “Shalk: The sound Slicer.” Higuare predicted that not only Wyverns but also some outlaws are behind their cargo, and his prediction went true. But the group of Wyverns attacked & brutally killed those outlaws. These are the trained Wyverns coming from LITHIA.

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After killing their outlaws, they attacked Wild Wyverns too. But the Leader of those trained Wyverns, “Regnejee,” used Thermal Arts and killed all of those wild Wyverns. “Regnejee” is the lord of Wyverns who protects the nation. Nations use these Wyverns for aerial warfare. They remain invisible in the sky to protect the City. But the question is, if The Outlaws know about them, why did they attack? There must be someone who controlled those Wyverns, for some profit by attacking on Lithia.

It’s clear; it was Aureatia who planned this track. Aureatia, the City that is ruled by the last minian queen. The total politics of the city controlled by Twenty-Nine officials. Later, we saw some officials discussing their failed attack on Lithia. They are planning for an assassination into Lithia, for this role, they choose The seventeenth Minister, Elea’s squad. But they already have a spy there. They are talking about an old man named Harghent & make him out of this problem. Because he is currently headed to Tileet Ravine to subdue a dragon. Then who will be perfect in this work? Lastly, they choose “the Vortical Stampede.”

Later, a scene breaks; we jump into the Tileet Ravine where Harghent went to subdue a dragon named Vikeon. They are planning to subdue the most powerful dragon. But Vikeon, The mighty powerful dragon, gives a surprise attack on their base. The mighty dragon destroyed many minia champions. Soon, Harghent called his powerful X-bow by magical arts. Unfortunately, that was nothing to that Dragon. But both of them became speechless after seeing a Wyvern. He is a “Alus: The Star Runner.”

“Alus: The Star Runner” was born with three upper limbs. Those arms are always craved for something new, to grasp something not seen. He always wanted to prove that he is a special Wyvern. He conquers a labyrinth, nation, treasure & now coming to destroying a legend. Vikeon literally went speechless after watching him. He went mad but can’t compete with the speed of Alus. By using a shape-shifting craft arts, he just killed down the mighty powerful giant dragon Vikeon. Later, he comes down to praise Harghent, but Vikeon still not died yet & done a surprise attack again.

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As we know, Alus is so powerful that he used “The greatshield of the Dead” to save Harghent. After that, Alus cut that giant dragon into two pieces by using “Hillensingen The Luminous Blade.”

As the Twenty-Nine officials of Aureatia are searching for a hero, they are gathering the strongest people from around the world. At this point, Alus should come forward to partake with him in this competition, but Harghent doesn’t want to use his strength to seize the glory. Alus understands his desire & he wants to give him the power of his as he deserves. But now he wants to go to the Labyrinth City of Nagan to find “something.” So Alus is the one who stealing the life seals of the robots.

Episode 2 was quite boring; the makers are not perfectly executing this anime. In the second half, the anime was good, but the storytelling isn’t perfect at all. It will not gonna engage you. As we are now in the second episode, we are still hoping for some exception for the upcoming episode.

The episode ended with “Alus, The Star Runner,” a powerful & strongest Wyvern, who can slash a giant dragon too. This episode ended where the first episode was ended. Alus might meet with Soujirou & Yuno. But, that’s how the episode ended.

We have to wait for a week to see the next episode. The next episode of “Ishura” will come next Wednesday. Till then, you can watch two episodes of “Ishura,” which is currently streaming now on Disney plus Hotstar with Japanese language along with subtitles.



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