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“Ishura” Episode 6 : Recap, Summary and Explained

“Ishura” Episode 6 : “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. The anime adaptation is currently streaming now in Disney Plus Hotstar with only Five Episodes, while the rest will come weekly.

In this article, we are gonna discuss about recap of the Sixth episode but before this let’s have a quick recap of the story of this Anime series. There was an age of The Demon King where he controlled the whole world but after his death, all the heroes around the world gathered together to prove their powers.

Episode 5 was crazy. We got a glimpse of ” Higuare: The Pelagic” who is an insane killer during the the era of true Demon King. On the other side, we see ” Nastique: The quiet Singer” who is an Angel with superpowers. Let’s know what surprise is waiting in this episode.

“Ishura” Episode 6

Started with the same story by the Narrator. After the True Demon king died The enemy of the world that filled the horizon with fear, was defeated by somebody. After that day, that lone Hero remains unknown by existence. After the age of fear comes to an end, the person must be chosen.

We come into the Mage City, which is the satellite city closest to the New Principality of Lithia, which is serving as an outpost for Aureatia to Monitor LITHIA’s Movement.

Lord Hidow aka ” Hidow: The Clamp”, is the twentieth Minister of LITHIA. He met with ” Yuno: The Distant Talon” & “Soujirou – The Willow-sword”. He started to speak about his enemy, who is the former Twenty-third General of Aureatia,” Taren: The Guarded “. Taren has an army of Wyverns & some magic items & mercenaries. As the war gonna happened between Aureatia & The New Principality of Lithia, Hidow seeking help from Yuno & Soujirou.

But, Soujirou comes here for the competition, he isn’t ready for this war. Hidow added ” The Competition” is a big event before starting it they must win this war. So, he said if Yuno & Soujirou help him in this war, One of the Twenty-nine officials must support them in the contest. Lord Hidow also said that, on the day when the Nagan city was destroyed, Taren’s right-hand Dakai was present in the city. He also added that maybe Dakai was behind activating the Golem Labrinth Boss.

Hearing this Yuno is heading towards the path of revenge. She along with Soujirou wants to help Hidow in this war. We aren’t sure what’s going on in Hidow’s mind. Now, back to the Lithia. Regnejee met with Dakai in the house Curte. Dakai started to doubt him & Curte. But, it goes for nothing as Regnejee never gonna betray his city.

The Swarm or Group of Regnejee was lost by the army of the True Demon king. At that time Curte also lost her sight. After that just in between four years, Regnejee made a group of swarm again. He trusts his swarm much more than Curte. As per Dakai, Curte may have leaked information about Lithia. In this situation, Regnejee can kill Curte to save his City & also the Swarm ( group of Wyverns).

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Curte was doing dinner with ” Taren: The Guarded”. Meanwhile, Curte sometimes calls her ” Mother”. In the reply, Taren said, ” She isn’t her real mother, so she must stop calling her mother”. Curte is serious about Regnejee as she is demanding the safety of Regnejee but he is wyvern he can’t do safe- work.

Taren accepted that she was a ” Self-proclaimed Demon King”. So, Aureatia never gonna hold back on anybody who takes the title of Demon king. So, there must be a war gonna happen but Taren gonna save Lithia at any cost.

Taren found Curte long time ago with Regnejee. Curte thinks that Regnejee is an angel who saves people though she doesn’t know the trust of Regnejee. Little, Curte thinks that happiness will come after this war, so she will be put everything in this war. We aren’t aware of the power of Curte but she is a Very important in this war. Taren promised that she never gonna loss in this war.

Kia & Elea reached into LITHIA .” the world word” is her exclusive Trump card which is gonna be unknown to Aureatia. Before,it she will remove all those who could trace her & Kia before the competition start. Meanwhile, Elea sent Kia to play & she went to meet with ‘ Lana: The Moon Tempest’. Lana is only one who knows about the Kia . Lana infiltrates Lithia as a spy for Aureatia & passes in the information about the” world word Kia ” to Elea. So, Elea is trying to kill Lana at that moment Kia reaches there. So, Lana met with her bring to the restaurant. Elea’s plan is failed.

Later We know about the Taren’s ruling in this city. The people of the city admire her must. In every Tavern people celebrate like a festival in the time of war with Aureatia. Because these people thinks they will win the war with the help of the Wyverns army & Undefeated Taren.

Lana was in a spy guild during the war in the time of The Demon King. She carries out a lot of dirty work as a member of Obsidian eyes. Even after coming to Lithia, she continued her path. Lana wants Kia during this war but Elea doesn’t want to let her. Again Elea’s plan was interrupted. As Lana met with Dakai. Dakai informed her that Curte might leak the information as she working as an informant.

"Ishura" Episode 5 Recap and Explained

Lana doesn’t want to believe that’s Taren’s adopted child leaking the information. As Curte keeps a Braille diary to leak the information. But the whole incident on doubting Curte was just a drama because Lana is the real one behind the leaking of information. As Lana is a spy she uses a secret code by using Braille to spread the information. As per Dakai, when Lana came back into the city, she was transcribing the diary & leaking those transcriptions. After decoding those transcriptions Dakai found these are the exact same information which reached to the spied of Aureatia.

She was taken by Dakai. Meanwhile Elea in a new tension. If Lana started to talk, Elea gonna be in doubt too. She was in Deep trouble as Lana was taken by bandits. It’s Elea’s chance to save Lana or kill her using Kia without any trace. What she will do? Let’s see in the next episode.

Again a mid-episode. We just got back Soujirou & Yuno who are appointed in the war with Lithia. Meanwhile, we got to know about the spi of Lithia city. It will be interesting to see what will gonna happen with her next!

Six episodes of ” Ishura” are currently streaming now in Disney plus Hotstar in Japanese language along with subtitles.

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