“Ishura” Episode 7 Recap and Explained: “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. The anime adaptation is currently streaming now in Disney plus Hotstar with only seven Episodes, while the rest will coming weekly.

In this article we are gonna discuss about recap of the Seven episodes but before this let’s have a quick recap of the story of this Anime series. There was an age of The Demon King where he controlled the whole world but after his death, all the heroes around the world gathered together to prove their powers.

The previous episode was a good one as we finally saw Soujirou & Yuno who are now gonna work with Hidow. On the other side, we find that “Lana: The Moon Tempest” is taken by the guards as she is leaking the information of Lithia. Starting with the same story about the Demon King’s death & Lone hero’s rise up. Now it’s become a challenge to find out that hero.

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We are now in Aureatia’s outskirts territory ” Mage city”. Yuno is along with the soldier heading towards to Lithia. Currently,the situation with Lithia is volatile, so, they requested these patrols. Lithia asserts that Aureatia must make efforts to maintain public order to stop the frequent Outlaw Attacks. Aureatia is putting these outlaws on LITHIA. A friendly patrol is just a showoff from Aureatia to Lithia intact Lithia knows that there friend can be an enemy at any time. These patrol requests are nothing more than mere harassment, designed to expand resources & energy, and gradually wear own our morale.

It looks like Taren really knows how to become protective as she is properly ready for this battle. This war battle will take place very soon. Meanwhile, Soujirou is ready to battle with a worthy component. He is so brave that he tries to defeat Taren all once. However, he doesn’t know the power of Taren. The head of the patrolling guard said that Aureatia has continued to work hard towards the peace. As, Taren the Guarded used to be the Twenty-third General of Aureatia. now it looks like that, Lithia is a special autonomous region & revoking the title of Self-proclaimed Demon King.

But now they are using Wyverns which is a dangerous force & beyond the control of The Minian Races.
It is clear that she has no intention of stopping the war. In this era of without the threat of the true Demon king, she is attempting to establish a new order in place of the Kingdom that has continued since the dawn of the Minian . Moreover, she is a “Shura” possessed by war. ” shura ” means the huge powerful person who actually appeared after the era of the True Demon king ended. A single shura can destroy a whole nation. That’s how ” Taren ” is powerful.

Whole they are busy in talking, Soujirou saw two shadows approaching in front of them. The shadows are none but, Higuare & Shalk. Yuno instantly felt the huge powers. The patrolling team Are ready for the attack, without knowing them. Within a flash of seconds, Shalk attacked on the patrolling group but his attack was defenced by Soujirou. Then, we saw an intense fighting sequence between Shalk & Soujirou. They both are powerful swordsmen & capable of challenging each other.

But the soldiers aren’t aware of the power of Higuera. Higuare just finished all the guards with just one blow. His multiple hands are taking down all soldiers with poison. Luckily, Yuno is alive But HIGUARE is in front of her kill him down. Whole, Shalk & Soujirou is busy in a sword fight, and Yuno is all the to save her own life. But, that’s all. To, know what happened next we have to wait further.

In the Mage city, Hidow met with the old man Harghent who is offering him an official support dispatch. The old man also applied to the council for emergency deployment. But, the main thing is that person is mess up on a Dragon-hunting expedition. Harghent want an expert who can deal with the Wyverns. Hidow is preparing for the Wyverns of Taren but he is aware of “The Star Runner “.

Hearing the name ” Alus: The Star Runner”, Hidow became speechless. Harghent also informed Lithia stole the cold Star from the Great Labyrinth City of Nagan before the Star Runner could. But, Alus might not wait to see someone else taking the treasure. So, Harghent wishes that Mage City might be attacked along with Lithia. While,they discuss about the probability of war.

A sudden attack happened on the Mage city. But, the Mage city is still in friendly terms with Lithia so this sudden attack is quite surprising. Meantime, one guard informed us about the defeat of the patrolling team. Hidow became speechless after hearing that Soujirou & Yuno were also not found.

Hidow have any backup plan? What will he do next.?

“Kuze:The Passing Disaster” that’s what the backup plan of Hidow. Soon, the Wyvern army also attacked on the Mage city, The people of the city are also in deep trouble. As ” Hunting Wyvern is Harghent’s Job” he is taking charge. Hidow called at emergency line seven & connected with “Vortical Stampede ” . Hidow ordered her to annihilate any enemy that posed a threat to the Sixth General & shooting down every Lithian wyvern whatever she saw.

As Hidow getting no information about the ” Soujirou: The Willow Sword ” it’s now, Nihilo’s responsibility to handle this matter. In this horrible situation of Kuze failing to do this assassination job, Nihilo must do it.
But, Nihilo has a request. In this purpose, Hidow said ” Equal rights with the Minian Races & official citizenship of Aureatia” will approved by her. The army general is Afraid to using Nihilo, denoting her as a ” Monster ” who single-handedly destroyed a regional Aureatia army.

Later we saw, that Nihilo ordered some men to open a door. After opening a giant door we saw a Spider, Nihilo named it as ” Tarantula: Helneten The Burial”. Nihilo opened her dress & connected herself to that giant spider.

A sudden attack from LITHIA destroys all plans destroyed. However, Hidow launched Soujirou but got no clue from him on the other side, so he ordered Nihilo to take care of things. The power of Nihilo is a complete destruction. This episode is a fun ride telling us that the real action has just begun.

That’s how episode 7 ended. Let’s head toward the next episode to what gonna happen next. Seven episodes of ” Ishura” is currently streaming now in Hotstar with Japanese language along with subtitles.



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