Ishura Episode 4 Recap: “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. In this article, we are gonna discuss about recap of the fourth episode but before this let’s have a quick recap of the story of this Anime series.

After defeating The demon king, champions around the world try to prove who will be the ” One True Hero”. It’s a series of challengers who are participating in the world’s toughest challenge to prove themselves.

Quite a good episode 3. We see ” Regnejee” a Wyvern who takes care of a girl. Where war might happen in Lithia. How people of Lithia will defend this? Maybe we will see a new hero this time. Let’s know about the new adventure.

It began with a regular introduction that after the True Demon king died, a lone hero took charge. Now it’s time to find out that lone hero.

Welcome back to Aureatia, Central Detention Centre. Here the show introduced a new character named Lord Hidow, who got the information that their communication with secret service members had been stopped. We got the information that, from the east of the Mage city headquarters there’s a Sunken Ground which has been carved out by a stream. The people of Aureatia will come there for the attack to Wyverns. Then they wake up Nihilo from the prison.

But who is” Nihilo: The Vortical Stampede “?

Nihilo is a girl who single-handedly annihilated a whole regional army in Aureatia. According to the reports she is the most horrific Bioweapon. We also see Minia Seventeenth Minister: “Elea The Red Tag”. She is ambitious for her beauty and thinks beauty is a talent that is given by angels during people are born. She adds that beauty is also a combination of hard work which is required continuous maintenance. Yawika, akrrke goblin girl & Elea began to bathe together.

They also started to learn about word arts. According to, Elea there are mainly four types of word arts, which are: Thermal Arts, Craft Arts, Force Arts & Life Arts. She teaches the young girl about the all arts.
Elea is a beautiful woman & too much quiet. But she is also bearing some dark past. She has some other plan that’s why she came into this village but hid it from Yawika. After bathing complete she met with Kia. Kia’s Word Arts is very different from everything. Kia can control the life of Earth, in the anime we have seen. She took out the seed & evolved it into a big tree trunk. After meeting with Elea she turns back that big trunk into that small seed again.

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This village is full of elves. Yawika, Kia & Thien too. Further, we know about Elea. She came as a professor & helped the child elves to learn about Word Arts. Elea assumed this false identity & secured a study abroad program in Aureatia for Kia. The purpose of this study is The Imperial Competition to determine the Hero. Elea thinks that Kia is capable of beating any opponent.

Kids can also face off against Aureatia itself. Later They went to The Fourth Mountain. At the harvest festival, Elean takes defensive measures that were taken while being mesmerized by the fervor and beauty of it all. While teaching them about forest plants, she sent all the detailed records of medical herbs to Aureatia by Bird. She also investigated this secluded region where dense fog hinders human passage. A rumor from the era of the True Demon king talks of a village, where a certain individual has almighty word arts.

She found the village’s location from a captured Lithian Soldier. After reaching the top of the mountain they noticed a dense fog there. Kia used her special word arts & clean the fog. After that, everyone saw a beautiful view of nature. Seeing her impossible power Elea became speechless as she understood, that Kia was capable of something big.

Let’s know more about ” Kia: The World Word”, she is the one who ignored all laws of nature possessing the power to warp anything in existence. She can surpass all nature & dominate the entire world with a single word. She is a wizard, an elf named ” Kia: The World Word”. Later she headed towards to Aureatia with Elea.

Without Kia, this episode is nothing. No action sequences only some facts about the word arts. This episode is boring & knowledgeable about the word arts. But, this episode is strongly for the adult audience.

Nothing but we deep drive more about word arts. But now we have to wait to know what will happen next. In this episode, we know about Kia & Nihilo. Kia is powerful & can break nature’s rule. But, we haven’t seen the power of Nihilo. That’s how this episode ended.

Four episodes of ” Ishura” is streaming now in Disney plus Hotstar in Japanese language along with subtitles. Let’s wait for the next week for episode 5.

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