"Ishura" Episode 1 Review, Recap & Explained

“Ishura” Episode 1 Review, Recap & Explained

“Ishura” Episode 1: “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same name. In this article, we are going to discuss a recap of the first episode, but before this, let’s have a quick recap of the story of this anime series.

After defeating the Demon King, champions from around the world are trying to prove who will be the “One true Hero.” It’s a series of challenges for those who participate in the world’s toughest channel to prove themselves.

The first episode starts with a beautiful Islamic city named “Nagan Labyrinth City,” where people enjoy and spend their lives happily. Suddenly, a disaster happens. What happened, and how? To know this, you have to read this article, where the recap of episode 1 of “Ishura” is explained.

As the narrator said, “This is the story of the first one,” so whatever incident happened in the city, this story is its starting point. “Nagan Labyrinth Viry,” the beautiful city, introduces us to the lead female character Yuno, and the story begins with the memory of her school friend named Lucelles. Yuno is known as a Distant Talon, and Lucelles is her best friend. They study “Words of Arts” together. “Nagan Labyrinth City” is a town full of scholars and explorers, built from the center of the Great Labyrinth of Kiyazuna, the self-proclaimed Demon King.

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Sometimes, mechanical demons come out from the Great Labyrinth, so swordsmen are deployed to protect the city. In the town, Bundleroot grass is poisonous, so the Central Kingdom crowned Sephite of the United Western Kingdom as Queen and created Aureatia. The Great Labyrinth holds many mysteries and secrets that the town’s people will never fully unearth.

Yuno secretly has a crush on Lucelles. Knowing that the great Demon King is no more, she is at peace, thinking about a future with Lucelles. Then the dark day comes. The Great Labyrinth fully collapses, and Robot demons brutally kill Lucelles. After witnessing the death of her own love, Yuno becomes helpless. Slowly, the beautiful town is completely destroyed and overtaken by Robot Demons.

While she is totally broken, a demon approaches to kill her. That’s the time when Yuno unfolds her magical power, an explosive power, and she destroys that demon within a few seconds. But after one demon dies, slowly others approach, and now she becomes helpless because she is unable to cast the magic in these huge numbers of demons.

At that time, Soujirou, the great Willow-sword, comes to save Yuno. He is so powerful that with a blink, he kills lots of demon robos. In fact, he can eat the Bundleroot grass too. From the town, the Great Labyrinth wakes up as a Boss-Like Golem. Yuno alerts Soujirou that he can’t kill it, and also the whole town is about to be blown up. Soujirou, feeling hungry, makes an exchange offer to Yuno. She must give whatever food she has, and in return, Soujirou will take care of that Big Boss.

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But you must know about Soujirou. His full name is Soujirou Yagyuu, of the Yagyuu Shinkage-Ryu. He is the last Yagyuu on this earth, a visitor from a distant place, arriving with the darkest of omens. Soujirou knows that Yuno can do Word Arts, and he wants to learn it from her.

So, what is “Word of Arts”? People of Nagan use Word Arts to ask the air and objects to do things like move or burn. Yagyuu believes his sword is way more powerful. Then he shows the power of his sword and matches it with speed. Outstanding action scenes between swords and evil robots show how he really controls that monster. But that Huge Labyrinth Monster also knows “Word Arts.” It creates a massive amount of energy using “Thermal Arts.” However, Soujirou tackles its massive power and hits its core.

Eight years into the “Eiroku Era,” although it is an anecdote of uncertain authenticity, the founder of Yagyuu Shinkage-Ryu, Muneyoshi Yagyuu, is said to have defeated a student of master Swordsman Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, with the Mutodori technique. This is the history of Yagyuu. After defeating the opponents, the winner takes the loser’s power. So, that’s how Soujirou defeated that Huge Labyrinth Monster.

Later, we understand that it was actually an “M1.” An “M1 Abrams” is a tank, basically. It’s very easy for Soujirou to kill an “M1.” After finishing his job, Soujirou takes the “travel ration” from Yuno.

After the victory, he joins Yuno to go to Aureatia, the most powerful nation under the rule of Queen Sephite. The council of Aureatia is gathering heroes from around the world to do something big. Also, the Second General of Aureatia lives there, known as “Rosclay The Absolute.” Additionally, “Toroa, the Awful,” who hides away in the distant Wyte Mountains, “Krafnir, The Hatch of Truth,” who speaks of mastering the unknown fifth system of Word Arts, “Kazuki, The Black Tone,” and “Lucnoca The Winter” are coming to that city. Yuno wants to know who this guy “Soujirou, The Willow Sword” is and where he is coming from.

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So, “Yuno – the Distant Talon” and “Soujirou – The Willow-sword” start their journey together towards Aureatia. While they find someone is stealing the life seals of those robots, who is behind this?

It was a superb introduction. The animation is also quite good. It’s amazing to see how the makers are going to animate that top-selling Manga. Soujirou’s actions are really impressive, and his attacking animation is too. Emotions are also beautifully worked into the first episode, which is quite impressive.

That’s the first episode of “Ishura” ended. We met Yuno and Soujirou. Soujirou is so powerful that he can literally kill anything with his powerful sword. But during their journey to Aureatia, what surprise is waiting? Let’s find out in the next episode.


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