“Constellation” Episode 3: Apple Original presents an eight-episodic American sci-fi series ” Constellation” is currently streaming on the platform with only three episodes, the rest will come weekly.

In this episode, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 3. Before starting it let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. This is a story about a female astronaut Joe, after returning back from space she is facing lots of unreal things. Let’s see what exactly is happening with her.

In the Ice, she starts to find another Alice. It’s really confusing to understand what happened. Let’s back into the last, After coming from space she drink tea to understand it’s flavour. Later we saw that she met with the Press & there she gave the statement of her journey with Paul. She said her Mission isn’t over yet as she was in the observation. She also said that her mission was to monitor the physical & Neurological Effects of long-term space travel. She admitted that she forgot the smell of Earth & after coming back she feels happy.

After that, we saw a get-together of all the astronauts. Jo met with Paul’s family , she called his wife as Erica. But the lady corrected her name with Frida.

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Henry observed the Data closely. As he found that he got the same thing when he extracted the data down at Baikonur. His secretary thinks that those data survive in the ISS but can’t survive in Earth. Henry wants to run the test again to find its survival rate. He is staying in SS Bernice a big ship. A science exhibition going there. A man comes up to meet with him.

The name of the man is Ian Rogers who questioned him about the time in space. One year before Apollo 11, there were over 10,000 recorded faults in the command capsule, including 500 critical reports in the life support systems. The Apollo 9 fire was caused by one of these & three people died. This discussion is going on the science exhibition.

Henry in his lab just noticing the data through another run he thinks that it’s quite impressive.

Later we saw A meeting where all the astronauts are coming together to discuss about Paul’s death. They are showing the videos that Jo made in the space while talking with her daughter. She said that she felt strange because there wasn’t an MMOD alarm set. But they ask about the camera footage what she taken. Jo said it was a dead body & she was trying to touch it . But, Irena said there wasn’t any dead body present there. She replied that she was concerned about Hypoxic.

Irena said the Symptoms of hypoxia include memory loss, confusion, and hallucinations which probably could happen. The astronauts are taken into the tests of Mental & physical. Previously we have seen that the astronauts presented in the spaceship are taking some yellow-red pills. After coming back to the earth The doctors are again handing over that to them. Jo asked them what is it? They replied that it’s Vitamin D, B-12 & Folic.

The situation of Jo’s family is becoming worse. After coming back from the space things are little bit different for her. The relationship between Jo & Magnus was not as smooth what we listened from the previous episode. So, after returning Jo is giving her full contribution to love more to her husband. She later met with her daughter Alice. Alice isn’t happy after her mother comes back because her actions have changed too much. She saw the visuals of the door again & again we can say that she is traumatized a little bit.

Alice & Wendy started to play together. Wendy is a daughter of Paul, while they are playing. Alice saw Wendy near the car pushing her rabbit but Wendey wasn’t there. Later their friendship was broken. Wendy states that Jo is crazy & she should die instead of her father.

Previously Jo claimed that she saw a dead woman in the space Station. She knows what she saw but the team claims that she might saw a bag of garbage. Irena again protested in her statement saying that it can’t be possible. Irena showed a red garbage bag claiming that she might saw these. Because of this pressure, Jo took out her statement about showing a dead body. It looks like Jo is confused to much sometimes she is unable to open a door also.

Alice met with Henry. She asks him how his experience on the moon. Henry said he went there in 1977 & it was beautiful. He also discusses quantum physics with her. He talking about the particles & ray. He also said that the same thing can be in two different states at the same time. This means, if you have a particle, for instance, the exact same particle.

There’s a world where the particles is black & a World in which the particles could be white. He invented some machines & sent it into space. He claimed that his machine worked but no match his expectations.

Could it be possible that why Jo watching two Alice? So,it must be real . But it could be her mental problems too. Because after returning from space she might face hallucinations. Jo returned home in Cologne after a long time of testing. She felt happy after returning there. Saw lots of mail & gifts. But, she saw their Blue car & claimed it a red. It looks like she can’t feel the difference of colours.

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The episode ended with Henry who met with Irena. Irena also went to space in her early days . Irena enjoyed to be in the space. Henry asks her about the dead cosmonaut & she replies there wasn’t any cosmonaut. Henry thj na that it was there. She mentioned that she is dying in Lymphoma stage four. That’s the last time they are drinking together. Later she enjoyed the night with music.

Then we saw a mixed scene where we Henry in both past & present. One is with Irena enjoying the night & the one is with Ian Rogers. Henry is angry about this statement of Ian so he pushes Ian from the boat. Wait! Is there really two people? Or we just see a montage scene of past & present.

Well, Quantum physics says two objects can be present. Is it real or not we don’t know. But while dancing with Irena he suddenly saw her face a skull which is exactly the same as Jo saw the dead body in space.

Getting back to the present situation in that snowy place. little Alice says to her mother that, people who have been to space they can see things. Jo replied that the Alice is present with her isn’t real. In fact, Alice also thinks that it’s not her mother. So who is it?

Well, so many questions left to be answered. We will see the next episode. Three episodes of “Constellation” is currently streaming now in Apple TV in English language along with subtitles.



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