“Ishura” Episode 3 : “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same name. In this article, we are gonna discuss a recap of the third episode, but before this, let’s have a quick recap of the story of this anime series.

After the defeat of the Demon King, champions from around the world are trying to prove who will be the “One True Hero.” It’s a series of challengers who are participating in the world’s toughest challenge to prove themselves.

So, previously, we saw “Alus: The Star Runner,” who is a powerful Wyvern. On the other side, we also know about Aureatia City. Meanwhile, Alus is going to Nagan City; will he encounter Soujirou & Yuno? Let’s see.

After the Demon King died, the enemy of the world, filled with fear, was defeated by somebody. After that day, that lone hero remains unknown both in name & existence. Now, the age of fear has come to an end, and the person must be found.

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Let’s go back to the new Principality of Lithia. We saw Taren, the guard of the city. We saw her earlier. Taren is so generous and nice to the people of the city. Taren, having seen lots of battles & also belonging to the Twenty-nine officials of Aureatia, ranks as the Twenty-third General. She was an outstanding talent not just in literary & martial arts but also in politics. After the Demon King died, she declared independence from Aureatia. She possessed her own military force & is preparing for conflict with Aureatia.

In the Central Citadel of Lithia, she is ready for war with Aureatia & taking all preparations. In her cabin, “Dakai: The Magpie” lives. So, now it’s clear that it was Dakai who stole the hearts of the Robot demon in episode 1. He has taken a thing named “The cold Star” & handed it over to Taren. “The cold Star” is a magic item documented in records from before the era of the True Demon King. She thinks that the “Self-proclaimed Demon King Kiyazuna” had been using it to power up the great Labyrinth. Now, after successfully completing the job, Taren appointed Dakai to another job.

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For nearly two months from now, merchant caravans going in & out of Lithia have come under attack, probably by outlaws sent from Aureatia. Though Regnejee is protecting the skies of Lithia, if they successfully steal the cargo of Lithia, then an army of Wyverns can’t help them. They are a really big problem for Lithia.

Soujirou In 'Ishura' Character Explained
Soujirou In ‘Ishura’

Taren thinks someone must be leaking the information of Aureatia, so that’s why the outlaws are attacking with full measure. Dakai’s task is to find out who is actually leaking this information. Dakai started his work; at night, he found out there are some merchants who must be involved in this conspiracy. These are actually Aureatia Secret Service. Dakai is very fast & smooth; he defeated the shooters with his sword. What we know is that Dakai isn’t actually a swordsman; instead, he is a bandit.

So, Dakai is an aberrant entity that cannot be tolerated in the Distant World. A visitor that has flowed to this world. He is the one who can stop even the full speed of bullets in his consciousness & possesses remarkable eyesight & an enchanted sword. He can host the power of insight to conquer an impenetrable labyrinth alone. He can possess divine speed. He steals across the boundaries of his own world. He is a bandit, Minia & a magpie from the distant world.

Now we see Regnejee; we already know that he is a Lord of Wyverns who protects Lithia from the sky. A Lithian citizen went missing, a Minian child who is nine years old. Regnejee thinks that one of his Wyvern soldiers must know something. Suddenly, one Wyvern spoke up. He said that it was Deputy Commander Lukwel of the Southern Guerrilla Unit; he had eaten that little child.

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It’s an offensive crime for those Wyverns because eating Lithian citizens means losing the trust of Taren the Guard. Lukwel went speechless after what he did. Then, Regnejee brutally killed him for his deeds. Eating Lithian people could be sentenced to death. He ordered everyone not to break the rule next time.

Later, we saw Curte speaking that Regnejee left early morning but hasn’t come back till now. At that exact moment, Regnejee met with her. Curte can’t see but loves to write & likes to talk with Regnejee. She can’t see but understands that LITHIA is beautiful & today the dawn is looking really amazing. Regnejee loves to listen to her singing, so he requested her to do it. Curte felt a bit hesitant, but she started singing, and she has a beautiful voice.

Curte is a young girl who can’t see; she doesn’t even know about the Demon King. One day she met with Regnejee. Curte believed that the surreal song she heard in the darkness is what brought back their sanity. Now we understand that Curte’s mother is the Monarch of Lithia. Regnejee alerted her that soon Lithia will face a war. Little Curte believed that an angel also likes songs & Word Arts actually come from songs. In her opinion, that Angel is Regnejee.

Yuno In 'Ishura' Character Explained
Yuno In ‘Ishura’

Regnejee rules the sky. He is a freely-flying force who rules the vast skies alone. He is the one who gives commands & also an absolutely obedient & fearless swarm. He is a Command, a wyvern, He is “Regnejee: the Wings of Sunset.”

That’s how episode 3 ended. A pretty decent episode & better than the previous one. It has established a sweet relationship between a blind girl & a wyvern. On the other hand, we saw a furious bandit who is a powerful swordsman he can cut a bullet with his sword. Episode 3 ended with an unknown guy who carries an Angel with him. Who is he? What’s gonna happen in the next episode? Let’s wait for the next week.

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After a peaceful ending of episode 3, we have to wait one more week to see episode 4. Three episodes of Ishura are currently streaming now on Disney plus Hotstar in the Japanese language along with subtitles.



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