Masters Of The Air Episode 4: From the creators of the very popular series ‘Band of Brothers with executive producers legendary Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks, AppleTV released their historic war series ‘Masters of the Air’ which tells the story of the American bomber airforce groups who were there at the time of World War II fighting against Nazi’s with their bomber flights in daylight. The story tells the hard work and sacrifices they have done while fighting against the Germans at that time.

Last episode had lost many soldiers including Curtis but on the other side they accomplished their mission. This episode starts in Telergma, Algeria on the 14th of August, 1943. Everyone lying at the sand waiting for the 12th Air group to come and pick them back home.

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They also promised beer when the 12th comes. We can hear Crosby’s voiceover saying they lost Claytor, Biddick, Van Noy and many others. Also they don’t know who escaped, who died, who surrendered while finishing the mission. The 12th Air Force arrived there, everyone is happy to get back home.

The next we see Quinn in Belgium, who is trying to get back to home somehow with the help of guys he met there. They took him to a restaurant where they did an interview to see how trustworthy he is, there he saw another survivor from a bombing group which he know before. But there was an unknown guy claiming he also from a group. After thr interview, the guys shoot the unknown bomber guy and says he is an infiltrator not really a bomber guy.

Cut to the camp, everyone is waiting for Glenn Dye. When everyone saw his flight all got happy. Next, we see them at the party. Soldiers meet and chat with each other. Of 25 crews who went for the mission only 12 returned. Everyone tossed glass for the dead soldiers. Fresh fighters joined the party and they met Buck and Bucky for their advice. We see Nash and Helen dancing at the party. Buck tells Bucky to take a break from these as he looks tired.

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Next, we see Quinn and Bailey leaving to France with the guy. He introduces them to a girl and then she will navigate with them. They get on a train, she advises them not to speak anything when German officers talk to them, and also do what she does only. If she takes paper, they also take the paper but when the train stops Quinn tries to escape but gets stopped.

Next, we see Bucky romancing with a lady and he is enjoying it too. On the other end the from bomber went for the mission Buck is not returned and there is no information about him as is he dead or alive or what happened.

At the end of the episode, Bucky sees the news about the death bomber groups on the mission, and he calls the base and asks if Buck came back and if the mission was okay. But the answer was not pleasant, he gets to know that Buck is not returned. He tells me he will be there for the next mission no matter what and cuts the call. Bucky gets the base and tells the crews that they will retreat for this loss.

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Overall the episode was a plain episode with some good moments. But the ending was a tragic one as Bucky and many others did not return back. It’s a great loss to the bomber groups. And Bucky was also devastated by hearing the news. But we can expect a massive retreat for the fallback on the next episode.



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