Masters of the Air Episode 7: AppleTV presents a historical war series from the creators of the popular series “Band of Brothers”. With executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks. This is an adaptation from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller. The story happened at the time of World War II when the bomber groups tried their best to defeat the Nazis with their air force.

The hurdles they faced from missions are the story of this series. The story is based on real incidents that happened and all the characters are real-life characters in this series.

The last episode was ended in a twist where Buck was not dead and he is in prison. And Egan was also alive and he also got escorted to the prison where Buck is in. They meet again and we see some time skip were they got settled to the prison situation. They do not face so many difficulties at the prison as the German prisoners are in America too, so they are not very rude to prisoners here. They are getting good food, water, book, music and stuff at the jail.

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Buck and Bucky with their other mates from the army are trying to listen to radio signals. A sudden raid comes at prison and everyone asks to stay out. On the raid German police found out a device hidden in a leg of a chair. Next at Thrope Abbots, everyone got their energy back after seeing Quinn and Bailey. They somehow made it back to the camp. It gave hope to other men at the camp, because of return of the soldiers who they thought lost is what makes them more happy. Quinn and Bailey can’t go on other missions as it has security issues and they will be tortured if caught again by Nazis.

At the prison, German officers capture any random prisoner and shoot them. Buck and Bucky trying to oppose it but they are using aggressive ways to torture some prisoners. Buck says he can make a radio on his own, which he did at old times. At the camp, Crosby talks about the situation of the army now. The 100th bombers again attacked Berlin after many defeats, but this time also there were many losses. Almost 15 crews not returned. All were young American soldiers.

Everyone is at very high pressure and they are in need of a distraction. Crosby visits the lady he last met at vacation many times to reduce his stress at work. Crosby gets the next mission brief documents, it’s again Berlin. Crosby says it’s a death mission again. At the prison Egan and Cleven are trying to make the radio work, but it’s not working. Egan asks if he will come with him if he tries to get out of the prison. Cleven says going out alive in one piece is very hard.

At the camp, it’s next mission, a new temporary CO of the 349th Squadron came to replace the old one. He describes their next mission to everyone, it’s again Berlin. The crews go on a mission again, but this time arrival of P-51 Mustangs made a change in their fighting, as those are very fast and precise like Nazis jets.

While P-51 Mustangs fight the Nazi fighters, the bombers with B-17 bombed their target. And at the return, everyone celebrated their arrival. At the party, Kidd tells Rosenthal that he can go back to his home as he finishes 25missions. But now the number of mission rules were changed and it’s 30 now.

Everyone got angry at the officials for changing the number as there is no hope of coming back alive after these missions. Crosby meets the lady again and goes on a romance with her. At the prison, the officer calls out the American prisoners and tells about the execution of prisoners who tried to escape. Cleven’s radio started working and he heard some German voices in it, looks like BBC audio. At the camp Rosenthal even after his missions are over 30 he again asked to do work for the army and gets approved as commander.

Overall the episode was a good watch. This episode showed both sides’ scenarios. One at the camp and one at the prison. The war shots were made really good, visuals are good which looked interesting in the series. Buck and Bucky combo scenes were also best in this episode.

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