Sunflower Season 3 Release Date: After a long delay of 3 Years, season 2 of the Zee5 original series Sunflower was finally released on the Zee5. The show is again getting massive love and supper from the viewers like its previous season. The show again ends with Various unanswered questions. Now the viewers are waiting for another season to know more about Sonu.

Season 2 if around 5 hours long and it was again full of thrill, Fun and some great acting performances. The witty one-liners were exceptional and I enjoyed the show a lot. The climax of the show was shocking and that makes you await for another season of the show.

The show will be renewed for another season for sure and if everything goes well and the show follows the same old timeline, we may get to see the new season of the show by the end of 2026. The official confirmation is yet to be made by Zee5 and officials and we have to wait for that.

The season 3 is going to be more entertaining and fun as we are going to discover who really sonu is? and what is his Past. The way Rosie dies at the end of season 2 shocks everyone. Many of the viewers are also curious to know what happened to that Teacher and his wife.

All of your answers will be answered when the release date of season 3 is announced. Altough there is no official confirmation by Zee5 on this. Stay tuned with us and we will keep you updated with the news and release dates of Sunflower Season 3.

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