Pyramid Game Episode 1: Viu presents an intense thriller Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. South Korean dramas are known for teenage thriller dramas, this drama is an addition to this list. The story revolves around a bunch of teenage students playing an online game and bullying low-class girls.

The game they are playing reached an extreme level of violence when they got a newly transferred student. The drama has a package of ten episodes in total.

The first episode opens with a chaotic atmosphere at Baekyeon Girls’ High School in Seoul. A bunch of students were gathered inside a classroom, everyone seemed feared, worried and crying. One of the students took a knife and started crying loudly. She pointed the knife at the other girl, most of the girls are covered in blood and dirt.

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They all standing there after a fight, the girl took the knife and cut a girl’s throat. The knife passed through the edge and split with blood. Everyone starts screaming loudly after seeing the blood coming out of the girl. Three months later, a normal day at the school, students were standing in front of a queue due to late coming.

Sung Soo Ji, a young student joined the second-year of class fifth of Baekyeon Girls’ High School. She got transferred newly into the school, her class is isolated from other classes in the same school. The class teacher came into the class and briefly introduced the transfer student Sung Soo Ji. She also talked to her new classmates, but no one expressed anything.

She got a seat near an introverted girl who had scars all over her body. A few students came to Sung Soo Ji and asked about their whereabouts. They seemed nice to her when they were talking. The next day she went to her physical training, where everyone gathered and talked about Myung Ja Eun, the girl who was sitting next to her.

Myung Ja Eun is severely beaten by her classmates in the storage room. Sung Soo Ji saw them beating her in secret. The girls brutally kicked and threw the ball on Myung Ja Eun. After everyone left the room, Sung Soo Ji came inside the room and talked with her. Sung Soo Ji said that she would inform the teachers about the incident, suddenly Myung Ja Eun replied that she should go to the class immediately because it’s Thursday. Sung Soo Ji reached the class and everyone looked at her seriously. The class leader drew a pyramid on the board and started explaining about the game they were playing every month.

Pyramid Game is an online app gaming used secretly in their class.In this game, each students have to vote for nearly five students. The total number of votes received by each person categorizes them to different groups like A, B, C, and D. The zero-vote students come under the F group. Students in other groups can bully or abuse any students of F group. Sung Soo Ji installed the app and joined the voting, unluckily she didn’t get a single vote. From that moment, higher-level students started torturing her all the time.

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The violence against F group students went to an extreme level and Sung Soo Ji proposed an idea to Myung Ja Eun. But she didn’t approve her proposal, so Sung Soo Ji began to find the real person who started the game. She got suspicious of few A group students who always act like normal and beat other students. I’m Ye-Rim, a popular girl at the school, who’s also a rookie star got top on every vote. Sung Soo Ji suspected that she was the one who found the game.

There’s also another popular girl who seemed nice with Sung Soo Ji, shockingly she’s the one who started the game. At the end of the first episode, Sung Soo Ji finds out that Baek Ha Rin is the founder of the game.

Overall the first episode itself was intense and frightening. The seriousness of the story started in the first few minutes. The violence and brutality started unleashing the true depth of the story. The ending looked more thrilling, which made us wait for the upcoming episodes.

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