‘Pyramid Game’ Episode 3: Viu presents a teenage psycho-thriller Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. The story revolves around a bunch of school students bullying low-group students in the name of an online game. The game they are playing has been voted on every month and one group will always bullied and tortured by the upper groups. A newly transferred student tries her best to stop the game forever is the rest of the plot.

The third episode opens on the fourteenth voting day of the pyramid game. Every student voted their favourite five students. The voting results came out and everyone looked at Sung Soo Ji for some time. She got five votes in total and went up directly into group c. Myung Ja Eun got two votes and somehow she escaped from F group to D group. Pyo Ji Ae got zero votes in the poll and became the only F-group student. She already tensed and started shivering.

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She looked at her close friend and started to quarrel. Her bestie betrayed her without giving any votes. The top group of students starts showing their violence and brutality against Pyo Ji Ae. Myung Ja Eun was shocked to see another f group of students in her place. Myung Ja Eun is the kind of person who takes every beating to protect her classmates. Sung Soo Ji seems pretty calm and relieved after getting into the c group.

Baek Ha Rin met Sung Soo Ji on outside of the class, she congratulated Sung Soo Ji for getting into group c with five votes. Baek Ha Rin convinced Sung Soo Ji that whatever happened is not Sung Soo Ji’s fault. Sung Soo Ji smiled very happily in front of Baek Ha Rin and thanked her for the wishes. Myung Ja Eun called Sung Soo Ji secretly and had a rough argument for not keeping her promise of stopping the game forever.

Sung Soo Ji explained that when she was in group f, everyone mocked her and tortured her, also added that Pyo Ji Ae was also one of the students who tortured her at that time.

Myung Ja Eun and Sung Soo Ji got separated for a few days after the voting. Sung Soo Ji acted selfish for few days after separating from Myung Ja Eun. Group D and C students started smiling and helping Sung Soo Ji, she got settled with such sort of comfort from other students. She seemed happy for a few days, one day, the upper-class students continued torturing Pyo Ji Ae, they painted her face weirdly.

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Myung Ja Eun couldn’t digest whatever they doing with Pyo Ji Ae, she expressed her anger on them and told them to stop. These students abused Myung Ja Eun too, Sung Soo Ji got triggered by the incident, she also came in to stop the torture. After seeing all these arguments, Baek Ha Rin ordered those students to stop abusing Myung Ja Eun, because she’s not f group anymore.

Sung Soo Ji starts gathering information about the students who voted for her. Later, she found out that Baek Ha Rin made a few students vote for her. Sung Soo Ji felt some weirdness about the voting app, she thought A group’s votes were fabricated. Sung Soo Ji told everyone to write their votes on a paper to find out if the app is fabricated or not. Everyone took a piece of paper and voted their favourite five students, the result yet again came out like earlier.

Sung Soo Ji convinced everyone that it’s a misunderstanding from her side. Myung Ja Eun,Pyo Ji Ae and Sung Soo Ji gathered secretly outside the school and researched about stopping the game forever. They all shared ideas and researched about how to split other group students to go against group A. They selected three students who were not related to group A students in a manner, that they acted like helping them and becoming friends. They are doing it for more votes to survive. One of the girl is a hacker and Sung Soo Ji asked her too many questions about the app she created.

Sung Soo Ji told Myung Ja Eun to follow the girl, but later she found out that Baek Ha Rin already bribed that girl with a new laptop, in the meantime Myung Ja Eun followed the girl and entered Baek Ha Rin’s visibility.

Overall the third episode looks flat and nothing much intriguing. The antagonists played well in this episode, the main character felt unbalanced in their characterization.

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