Flex X Cop Episode 7 Recap and Explained: Disney presents an action-packed Korean thriller show called Flex x cop. This South Korean drama consists of sixteen episodes which is highly concentrated on action and murder investigation.

The main character was appointed as a detective due to an unexpected incident, but he is actually a rich young man, his life starts changing after he takes the detective job seriously. The main plot revolves around this rich young man and murder cases around his unit.

Episode 7 opens with a new murder case for the crime investigation unit. Choi Seonu, The CEO of SW company, died inside a room. When Kang Hyun and the team reached the spot, the corpse already starts smelling. The forensics started taking samples from the spot, and Isoo got nervous after seeing the corpse. Later the team took the body in for autopsy.

They found out that, Seonu died because of dehydration. Even though there were water bottles around the place, he died because of water and food shortage inside his body. After looking at the call history, cops found out that Seonu is in touch with a psychiatrist for a long time.

Kang hyun and Isoo went to meet her at YK hospital. There, Isoo saw a snow globe on the desk which is similar to his globe. The psychiatrist said that she won’t give any details about her patients unless they have a warrant. Seonu had many panic attacks before and he had seizures on some situations. Meanwhile, Joon Young visited Seonu’s office and finds out that he used company money for many dealings, now the whole company is going to bankrupt soon.

Cops then looked at his partner’s place and saw a rotten dead body of him. Kang Hyun and Isoo reach the place later, Isoo suddenly starts vomiting after seeing the body. They thought that, Seonu killed his partner and suicided at first. But later they found out that someone killed them. They found some money at his place which is came from Isoo’s ex-girlfriend who gave to Seonu’s partner after blackmailing her.

The cops recovered deleted text messages of Seonu and Sang-gu, they talked about a usb with all the details. Isoo and Kang Hyun went to Sang’s apartment to recover the usb, but suddenly a stranger attacked Isoo from inside, the attacker put a chain on him and left, but Isoo somehow broke the chain and jumped through the window, fell above a car and Kang Hyun reached the room.

He cunningly caught the attacker and took him to prison. Later, Isoo talked with the psychiatrist about the weird dreams he had from the past, the psychiatrist texted his father about Isoo’s arrival. Isoo’s father conducted a press meeting at his house with his family, Isoo also joined the event and answered every reporter out there. Eventually, when the first prediction result came, Isoo’s father emerged on first spot due to the youngsters’ support on Isoo.

At the end of the seventh episode, Kang Hyun’s mother informed her about a reporter who asked questions about Isoo’s house and his mother’s death. Kang Hyun looked at Isoo for some time to find out what happened to him recently.

Overall the seventh episode is amazing. Isoo’s character got proper elevation in this episode. The episode ended with a cliffhanger and there’s a lot to be revealed in upcoming episodes. The real reason behind Isoo’s mother’s death will be unveiled soon.

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