Flex X Cop Episode 1 : Disney presents a sixteen-episode Korean detective drama series. They are back with cop dramas after hit dramas like Han River and rookie cops. This drama is about a young man who is from a rich family and yet childish all the time; later, he meets an unexpected change in his life which leads to an interesting career.

Jin Yi Soo (Ahn Bo Hyun) is the key character in this drama who is a son of the wealthiest Hansu family. He is a fun, energetic young man with no big ambitions. Lee Kang Hyun (Park Ji Hyun) is the lead female character in this drama who is an honorable and talented detective.

The pilot episode started with the meeting of Hansu Group Management. Everyone gathered at the meeting except Isoo. Jin Yi soo aka Isoo suddenly woke up after the arrival of his manager. Isoo looked at his phone and found a kidnapping video; later, after selecting his SWAT team outfit and bike, he got ready to attend the kidnap case. He and his team entered a shopping mall, started fighting and shooting.

A kidnapping is happening inside the mall, a girl got tied by the bad guys. He rescued the girl and pressed a button; suddenly, it all became a lie. It’s a variety show, completely organized game, and nothing serious about it.

On the other side, a group of real detectives were chasing a robber. Two male cops and a female cop engaged in the chase. Finally, three of them caught the robber and took him into custody. Heavy rain started pouring outside, and detectives got stuck on the street.

Isoo had a blasting drinks party with his friends after the show. He came out of the club and looked for a driver for his car. His driver got pretty much drunk, and suddenly a stranger put a knife in the driver’s hands. Isoo suddenly started chasing the stranger; they both kept running long. Lee Kang Hyun spotted them from a near distance, and she started following them.

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Isoo started a fight with the stranger. The stranger raised a knife against Isoo, but Isoo had a knack for fighting bad guys. He kept attacking the stranger. Isoo officially trained for Masters of martial arts in the past; he effortlessly took care of the bad guy.

The stranger got fed up with the fights, and Isoo also got tired, but Lee Kang Hyun suddenly came to the spot and started beating Isoo. The miscommunication caused quite a mess. Isoo was seen in SWAT costume, and this caused suspension for Lee Kang Hyun. She thought he is a fraud and assaulted a civilian. She locked him for a special assault case.

Isoo tried his best to prove that he is not the accused; he is innocent and fought for self-defense. Kang Hyun at first didn’t believe him, but she checked for a knife at the crime spot, and she found one. She then confirmed that Isoo is totally innocent. But things got out of hand because the police department caught the wrong culprit. Isoo’s father is trying for the mayor position, and this incident caused many political problems.

The pilot episode ended with Isoo’s lawyers suggesting a new way to put this conflict in a good way. They asked the police department to conduct a press meet saying Isoo is a detective working for the police department on a special basis for the last few months; whatever rumors came out regarding the assault issue are completely false.

To get rid of the mess, police officers accepted the request from Hansu Group. Now Isoo became a real cop working for the official police department. After the announcement, the police department gave a warm welcome to Isoo at the end of the first episode.

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