Flex X Cop Episode 5 : Disney presents Detective crime thriller Korean drama with sixteen episodes. The drama has sixteen episodes with a package of action, comedy, and investigation.

The story is about a rich young man who got appointed as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to an unexpected incident, how he survives as a cop and solves cases is the core plot of the show.

The fifth episode begins with Jin Yi Soo waking up after the attack by Dojun. Isoo caught him for the murder of the painter. Dojun confessed that he stabbed the painter in his back. Noh used his paintings for fame and money, also spoiled his future life and education. Isoo offended him for the murder. Suddenly Dojun took the weapon and stabbed himself.

Kang Hyun and other cops came to the spot with the ambulance and took Dojun to the hospital. Kang Hyun questioned Dojun at the hospital. He explained what happened that night, he also stated that he bought the yellow clothing for Noh’s wife.

Kang Hyun and Isoo came to the conclusion that Noh’s wife killed him. He had an important key with him all the time, but after the death, his wife stole it. She got caught by Isoo and Kang Hyun at the bank while opening the private locker. The case is finally solved and they move to the next case. On the next day, the team got a new case, an old man’s death.

The man choked on a rice cake that blocked his airway, kang hyun, and the team believes nothing was stolen from the house. Later at night, the granddaughter of the deceased man came to the police station and informed Isoo that the Seal Of Korea had been missing from her house.

Isoo informed the team about the theft of the Seal of Korea, but everyone including Kang Hyun laughed at him. Isoo took it seriously and started his investigation about Seal of Korea. Meanwhile, Kang Hyun and others found two similar cases and started enquiring about them. Kang Hyun asked her higher-ups to give her the case files.

The team leader got angry and shouted at her. Kang Hyun and Isoo investigated with the victim’s families and found out that, gold, cash, and the seal of Korea had gone missing from every house. All these families had a connection with Yeongseong Family Church. They enquired about the members of the church, account of the church confessed that their ledger had gone missing for some time and she kept the news secretly.

Meanwhile, the forensic department found out that nicotine was injected into the victim’s body before the murder. Same time Isoo found that one of the victims was a culprit of three robbery cases. In the end, the cops looked at the surveillance footage and saw two strangers appear on the victim’s house in the name of the funeral photographer. Isoo and Kang Hyun concluded that they must be the killers.

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Overall episode 5 was a bit of a dull episode with nothing much to explore. The fun elements were pretty much less and the investigation part was not as interesting like the last episodes. Isoo’s performance and character saved the episode very much.



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