“Shogun” Episode 1 Recap: FX originally presented a ten-episodic American historical action war drama series ” Shogun” and is currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recap of the first episode. But before we start began let’s know about the story of this series.

The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel ” Shogun” written by James Clavell in 1975. The series shows Japan in the era of 1600 when the Civil War emerged. Lord Toranaga trying to fight against the Council of Regents who want to defeat him. This is a story of the year 1600. For decades, Portuguese Catholics have richly profited from trade in Japan. They kept their whereabouts hidden from their sworn enemies – The European Protestants.

In Osaka, after Taiko died the city is facing lots of problems. There is only one heir who is worthy but too young to rule. Five warrior lords are now trapped in this struggle. All of them trying to seek the title that would make them powerful. It started with John Blackthorne who was unable to take any celestial destinations due to clouds but he found the White Sand. As soon as he got these went to inform the captain.

“Shogun” Episode 1 Recap

They have no foods left so want to reach any land as soon as possible. John thinks that soon they can reach into Japan. But, it looks like Captain have no courage left. They started this expedition with 5 ships & 300 crews now barely One vessel left. John Blackthrone is a pilot who is expecting to reach land as soon as possible. His captain committed suicide with a gun.

The next morning they reached into the seashore of Japan. An ordinary man after seeing a huge ship went to inform everyone. Soon, Japanese soldiers reached there to investigate. They watch some dead bodies there & the ship is in bad condition. Some of the crew members are barely survived. The Japanese soldiers found John who is trying to escape from the ship. John is unable to go out & gets captured by the crew member. But the soldiers found a bomb-filled bag there, which made them amazed.

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Yoshii Toranaga & his son reach into the Osaka castle because he want to meet with Lord Ishido, who is a protector of the castle. Lord Ishido & his team are surprised by his arrival. Ishido said, ” A wise man knows when his time has ended”. We see the castle with huge guards everywhere. Toranaga went into the main House to meet with Ishido. Toranaga hates this place telling as a shithole but he is impressed with the new seating arrangement.

Ishido said that Toranaga is aligned with power against their council. The power he is talking about is the ” Six Marriages” that Toranaga did. Lord Ishido accused him of Kidnapping Lady Lady Ochiba but Toranaga denied this information & said she is no longer hostage. But, the council has voted to demand Lady’s return under penalty of impeachment. The  Council of Ishido gives a notice with the four signatures of Lord Kiyama, Sugiyama, Ohno & Ishido himself they ordered Toranaga to return Lady Ochiba.

Toranaga’e armies said that he didn’t do anything against the law so they couldn’t call him a traitor. Toranaga ordered them to stay quiet. So, They give Toranaga seven days to return Lady Ochiba from Edo otherwise he will punished under the penalty of impeachment.

Blackthrone & some of his crew have been captured by Japanese armies. He is happy to reach here as he is mentioning the land as ” Portugal’s secret Empire in the East”. Blackthorne is thinking of negotiating then but others are thinking it’s not possible. Blackthorne said that they were merchants & lost in the sea so now they are looking for safe passage home.

Meanwhile, on the other side Guards are ready to kill Fuji & her son, Fuji is the granddaughter of Toda Hiromatsu. But, Mariko reached there to save her. Mariko negotiated with them & saved their Life.
The first episode shows very little much about Mariko but we understand that she is suffering in the pain of her past.

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Yabushige, Lord of Izu ordered Blackthorne & his members to leave the boat as soon as possible . Blackthorne tried to negotiate then but the armies were unable to understand their language. Blackstone requests that he doesn’t want to fight he just needs food for his people but the armies are not ready to negotiate. He said that he is a merchant & didn’t want to do anything.

Lord Yabushige invited a priest named Muraji, who could work as a translator between Blackthorne & Yabushige. But it didn’t work at all & ended up with humiliating each other. Yabushige told him as a barbarian & so he called another priest to translate. Blackstone is not in the mood so, the Priest calls him as an Evil or a Pirate who must die. Blackstone said that he is an English, pilot of the Erasmus, a Dutch merchant Vessel. But the priest calls him as a ” Dutch Privateer”.

Blackthorne understood the conspiracy of the Priest & said he was the first English sailor, not a Dutch. He stops talking with the priest & seeks pardon from Yabushige. Yabushige said his ship was confiscated. Blackthorne rips off the catholic necklace of the priest & says that he is not like him. Yabushige is confused so he ordered his armies to take him & clean him properly. Later he met with Kashigi Omi, who is taking care of the country after his father died. He congratulated Omi.

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Omi asked if Yabushige going to tell Lord Toranaga about the barbarian ship But Yabushige replied that their Lord Toranaga is trapped in Osaka. He told lord Toranaga not to go there now he said that it’s not necessary to inform him of everything about a dead man. This means he thinks that Toranaga will probably die in Osaka. If Toranaga died there would be a war& Lord Ishido would be the most powerful Regent but he’d next have to contend with the Christian lords with their weapons. So, a lord who possesses a ship of Christians with weapons would make a valuable ally to anyone.


That’s the planning of Yabushige. But, it didn’t go well as Hiromastsu reached into the island. He asked Yabushige about the ship, gold, canon & everything. Hiromatsu also requested him to wait for lord Toranaga in Edo. He gave everything to Lord Toranaga & looking at the Omi he said there must be a spy in their village.

Later, the soldiers bring Blackthorne to talk with Hiromatsu, who wants him into Osaka. But soon, Rodrigues reached there & asked Hiromatsu to take Blackthorne with him. Rodrigues said to Hiromatsu that he would make Blackthorne drunk & then blow his head. One of the crew of Blackthorne died & others are imprisoned. Rodrigues takes him & to Osaka to meet with Lord Yoshii Toranaga.

Rodrigues introduced himself as a Spaniard who sails for the Portuguese. Later they head towards to Osaka by taking Blackthorne with them. Unfortunately, a Strom started during their Voyage. Rodrigues says Blackthorne as a pilot because they found 20 guns in his ship. Blackthorne said it was to defend from the unlawful Portuguese galleons. After the Sun goes down a massive storm breaks down.

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Later Rodrigues falls into the sea but Blackthorne uses his knowledge to save the ship from drowning. As he saved everyone’s life he requested to Hiromatsu that he is going to save the life of Rodrigues. But, he wasn’t allowed to do it so Lord Yabushige went down the hill to rescue Rodrigues after a lot of struggle.

Toranaga doesn’t want want to seek the title of ” Shogun” he thinks that the title is a brutal relic from a bygone era. later he met with Mariko. Mariko thought that she will be met with her father-in-law but Hiromatsu was sent away from other work. It was sixteen years when She married in Toranaga’s general Hiromatsu’s family. First of all, he thanked her for helping Lady Fuji through her grief. He also said that Lord Ishido aligned the council against him. Mariko said if the Regents vote for his impeachment they will also welcome death with him.

Moreover, Toranaga heard that she knows Portuguese so he requested him to talk with a barbarian who coming from a foreign ship ( mentioning Blackthorne). It’s the Fourteenth year passed after Mariko’s father died. Toranaga said that Akechi Jinsai was brave & Principled. He also knows that Mariko is haunted by her father’s death. Mariko is ready to serve him as they think that with the help of Blackthorne, they might turn the tide for them.

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On the other side, Rodrigues found a diary from Blackthorne’s ship. Which is a Rutter, stolen odd a Spanish sailor mentioned the way to find through the Magellan’s Pass. After he read it he understood that Blackthorne’s order was to plunder any Spanish territory, reach Japan & open trade in the new world. Rodrigues took that diary & wanted to send it to Portuguese.

Soon, Blackthorne tries to kill him but Rodrigues has a gun. Blackthorne wants to leave this land but watching Osaka his mind changes.
Soon, Blackthorne met with Mariko & Toranaga that’s how this episode ended.

Two episodes of this series are currently streaming now on Hulu in English language along with subtitles. Rest episodes will come on a weekly basis.



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