FLEX X COP Episode 3: Disney presents a South Korean detective cop drama series. This drama is about a young man who is from a rich family who got appointed as a cop due to some unforeseen events, his survival and future as a cop are the core plot of the show. The show has action and fun elements all along.

The third episode opened with a fight sequence of Jin Yi Soo and Lee Kang Hyun against Taesung’s private security guards. The duo tried their best to beat all of them at the same time, but when everyone went down, Taesung tried to escape. Isoo chased him and caught him, then took him to the police station. Kang Hyun started interrogating Taesung, he insisted that he didn’t kill the deceased.

He was there in the yacht that day, he talked with her and had drinks with her, but he confirmed that he didn’t kill her. Kang Hyun talked about the drug contents from the crime location, but Taesung tried to convince them that he didn’t use drugs.

Taeyoung, the CEO of DN studio also came to the crime spot on the day of the murder. Taesung convinced the cops that Taeyoung is the person who used drugs in the yacht. Taeyoung came to the police station to bail Taesung but unfortunately, the police caught him with drugs on his pockets.

Lee Kang Hyun took custody of the DN studio brothers, and later their mothers arrived at the station. The first and second wives of CEO of DN Media came to the police station to take their kids back home. They caused a scene in front of the whole cops. Cops arrested Taeyoung for possession of drugs, later he confirmed that he drugged Ina and thrown her into the river.

He said that he didn’t kill Ina. Lee Kang Hyun thought it’s Taeyoung who killed Ina , but Isoo clarified that he didn’t do it, also someone else was behind Ina’s murder. Isoo spotted a scratch mark on Taeyoung’s boat, later he found that there was another boat on the same time were the crime was taken place. Isoo and Kang Hyun went to the yacht and confirmed the blood stains on the new boat.

Lee Kang Hyun found out that , Ina is an illegitimate daughter of DN group’s Chairman. His first wife (Choi Hyeon Ju) knows about Ina’s mother, who worked as a secretary for the chairman and got pregnant with his baby. Chairman’s first son Cheon Taejun also found out the news, he ordered his mother and her secretary to him kill her at any cost.

The second wife of the chairman had bugged the office of Cheon before, so Isoo negotiated with the second wife and took the recorded voice from her.

The third episode ends with Isoo solving the case and caught Cheon Taejun as the culprit. Isoo made Lee Kang Hyun to accept of him being a cop. Isoo left Hansu’s group property and stayed at his own place to be independent. Kang Hyun met the chairman at the hospital, he refused to conduct a funeral for Ina mortuary, saying that she’s not his child. Kang Hyun went to the mortuary and saw Isoo doing a funeral decoration for Ina.

In the end of the third episode, Isoo gets an invitation for an exhibition, and when he got there an aged man got murdered on the spot.

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