Flex X Cop Episode 4: Disney presents a detective action crime thriller Korean drama with sixteen episodes. The drama is a package of action, comedy, and investigation. The story is about a rich man who got to work as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to unexpected circumstances, how he survives as a cop and a rich man is the rest of the story.

The fourth episode started with the exhibition event at La Mente Gallery. The famous painter, Noh Youngjae got stabbed and murdered at the gallery. The visitors got shocked to see his body lying on the floor with blood. Jin Yi Soo was also invited to the event, he was one who saw the body for the first time. He ordered the event supervisor to shut down all the exit gates because there’s a killer among the audience. Isoo informed Kang Hyun, she came to the spot and started her investigation.

Mr. Noh has been dead for almost ten hours when Kang Hyun arrived the spot. Noh’s student, Kwon Dojun was present at the crime scene, and Kang Hyun started interrogating him. The Gallery director also showed up, she started sharing things about Mr. Noh. He always had bad temper, he had a lot of passion comes with a huge demand. Kwon Dojun had been working with Mr. Noh for ten years. She also mentioned that, a lady named Oh Gyeongsun, visited Mr. Noh few weeks ago and spilled red paint over a painting and accused him murder.

Flex X Cop Episode 4 Recap

Isoo and Kang Hyun went to that lady’s house and asked about the incident. Before the murder, a woman with a scarf was caught coming out of a taxi to Mr. Noh’s house on the surveillance footage. Gyeongsun’s daughter did a painting before, Mr. Noh copied it and accused her daughter of plagiarism for the painting. Mr. Noh won the battle, but unfortunately, her daughter suicide because of Mr. Noh.

Isoo and Kang hyun visited Mr. Noh’s wife, Joo Hwayoung at her house. When they informed about Mr. Noh’s death, his wife wasn’t shocked at all. She made a insurance claim in the name of Mr. Noh for 2 billion won money. During the death of Noh, she was with her boyfriend at her house.

Meanwhile, Isoo moved out from Hansu Group house and went back to his old home. He gathered all his memories with his mother, Surprisingly Kang Hyun was a neighbour to Isoo. Isoo was an illegitimate child of Hansu chairman and his mother was the second woman in his father’s life. After his mother’s death, his father took him home, that’s why Isoo was different from other silver spoon kids.

The fourth episode ends with Isoo buying the damaged painting, where the woman spilled red paint all over. On the same time, the taxi driver confirmed that he didn’t see the face of a woman with a scarf. Isoo analyzed the whole painting, he found that a layer had been imposed over the signature of Dojun. Isoo did an x-ray of the painting and found that Dojun did the painting and Mr. Noh took credit for the painting.

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Dojun was angry on Noh because he got denied going to foreign studies, Noh claimed that Dojun’s portfolio was plagiarised. Kang Hyun found that Dojun was one who bought the orange scarf from the shop. In the end, Kwon Dojun attacked Isoo, after Isoo found out Kwon was the real killer of Mr. Noh.


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