Flex X Cop Episode 2 : Disney presents an investigative Korean drama with many fun elements and action sequences. The story revolves around a crime investigation department and a newly joined special wealthy detective. Jin Yi Soo and Lee Kang Hyun are the main characters who are always irritated with each other.

The second episode starts with the Police department giving a warm welcome to Jin Yi Soo. The cops are not happy with Isoo’s entry into the police department. They have no choice but to accept what the higher-ups told them to do.

If the cops don’t accept Isoo as a cop, Lee Kang Hyun and her team will get fired from their jobs. The whole police department will have to suffer embarrassment, and lawsuits will flood in from every corner. Isoo enters the office and looks at everything.

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The office is pretty old, and the furniture is also broken. He needs to change the interior setup based on his liking. He tells Mr. Choi to change the computers and the chairs. He even adds a buffet meal section inside the police station. Lee Kang Hyun and her team are unhappy with the changes he brings into the station. She tells him to change everything back to normal. He is careless and doesn’t have any serious way of thinking about where he is at.

Lee Kang Hyun gets irritated by the arrival of Jin Yi Soo at the police department. She deliberately turns off the computer while Isoo is playing a game on it. She asks his subordinates to give an idea to irritate Jin Yi Soo in return. Isoo’s weakness is boredom; he never wants to get bored.

Lee Kang Hyun finds his weakness; she gives bundles of case files to read and write a report. Isoo accepts it, and after some time, the police station head calls Kang Hyun to the office. When she reaches there, Isoo is already there, making the police head write the report for him. The chief tells Kang Hyun to teach Isoo everything properly, including writing the report.

Lee Kang Hyun and the team get a sudden missing case of an old man. She wants Isoo to be on-site looking for the old man. She thinks he will suffer a lot due to the hot weather. Jin Yi Soo takes his phone and posts a notice to find out the old man; whoever finds him gets a luxury watch from Isoo. So many riders gather at the spot, and one rider finds out the old man and earns the watch.

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A young woman’s body is found at a yacht. The crime investigation department goes there for investigation along with Isoo. Isoo takes his luxury car to the crime spot, and others take their old van. Isoo starts riding a luxurious yacht, meanwhile, Lee Kang Hyun and the team start the investigation along with the forensic department. The murdered girl was a popular model, and Kang Hyun goes to her agency to inquire about her whereabouts.

The forensic department finds blood stains on the body and fingerprints on the champagne. The girl was murdered by cutting her throat, hitting her head, and thrown into the river. Isoo is confident that he will find the culprit by himself; if he does that, Kang Hyun should accept that he is a real cop. The cops catch the killer from surveillance footage. The yacht was owned by Cheon Taesung, a third-generation man from a wealthy media family.

The second episode ends with Jin Yi Soo going to catch Taesung all by himself. He goes to the private club, starts a fight with him. Lee Kang Hyun also spots him and starts encountering fights with the bodyguards of Taesung. The next episode will show whether Lee Kang Hyun accepts him as a real cop or not.

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