Lee Kang Hyun In “Flex X Cop” Actress Name: Disney presents a sixteen-episodic action comedy-drama called ” Flex X Cop “.This drama is loaded with stunning action sequences and fun elements. The storyline is pretty much the same to detective dramas but the entertaining elements and action sequences made it a good engaging one.

Lee Kang Hyun is the female lead role in the drama portrayed by Park Ji-Hyun. Ji Hyun is an emerging South Korean actress and model. She has had some remarkable roles in the last few years. She did a few television shows and movies.

She is known for her performance in television shows like Reborn Rich, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, Love All Play, and movies like The Divine Fury and Anchor. She did an exceptional performance as Lee Kang Hyun. Her first appearance as a crime investigation detective in a television show.

Lee Kang Hyun is a well-disciplined and focused detective. She is working on the crime investigation unit. She’s the team leader of the unit. She takes every decision on her point of view only, she never obeys wealthy people’s words. Sometimes stubborn but stronger too. She is good at martial arts. She never go against justice, she is completely loyal to the justice system and her work.

Jin Yi Soo is a wealthy guy, but she spotted him on a crime location. She caught him on the spot, she believed what she saw, but after knowing the real truth behind the incident, she corrected her mistakes. She caught the real culprit even if it’s late.

Lee Kang Hyun hated to be in a relationship. She is completely committed to her police work. She didn’t want any diversion during work. She stayed away from dating anyone. Her mother was worried about her single life, she never cared about being in a relationship or future life. An honest cop with a hundred percent dedication to work, that’s her motto. She hated head weighted wealthy people, they always change the rules irrespective of the truth.

Jin Yi Soo is a careless young man, but Kang Hyun’s leadership will change him for sure. She had a knack for finding out the suspects easily. She is very talented for the job, and that’s why she is in the position of a leader for a whole crime investigation unit.

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