‘Masters of the Air’ Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Apple TV presents ‘Masters of the Air’ a historical war drama series adapted from best selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller. The series tells the story of American bomber groups who fought against Germany at the time of World War II.

The B-17 bomber flight and their struggle to accomplish the missions with their limitations are also shown in the series. Made by the creators of the popular series ‘Band of Brothers’ with executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

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The episode starts in Westphalia, Germany where we see Egan stealing cabbage from a field and eating it. While he walked away some kids saw him, suddenly he took the gun out and kept it down after seeing it’s kids. Even though he warned them not to sound, the kids started calling out people that an American person is here. The child’s father took out a gun and went behind Egan.

Egan ran and hid in the water. But somehow they caught him at gunpoint. They handed over Egan to the police. Police took him away to a place where they bombed and destroyed. People went angry with him and other Americans and an officer shot them. Egan got hit by a guy with a wood. Two guys took the Americans in a horse to the forest to bury the bodies. But Egan ran away from there.

Crosby and others went for vacation after the continuous missions all were exhausted. Crosby went to Oxford to attend a meeting. Crosby’s roommate was a lady and he thought it would be a guy. They goes out to see the place and meet and talk out about each other. Crosby got very sad by the death of his friend Bubbles. Egan was found in a forest by the Germans.

They shifted him to a camp, and there was an interrogator for him. He already knows everything about John Egan, but he needs more information about state secrets. But Egan didn’t give anything about their secrets. The interrogating officer told him that only one crew survived their last mission.

Egan with other American soldiers shifted to prisoner camp via train. Everyone got loaded as thick inside the train. As Egan came to prison, most of the prisoners there started shouting his name. Most of the prisoners know Egan as he was major and commander. He saw old faces he knows, he was looking for Cleven. Finally he saw Cleven alive in the prison. Both looked very happy to see again each other.

Egan almost thought he was dead before. On the other side, Crosby and others gathered up and talked stories of them to make the mood and stay happy from all their pressures and hurdles.

This was the episode best that came till date for this series. We can see this episode just for Buck and Bucky’s reunion. That scene was the best shot in this episode. Nobody expects Buck will be there unless he knows the history about them.

The promo for the next episode is also best makes me very eager to wait for it. This episode is sure a shot banger just for that scene. Even though there is no common scenes in this episode, i liked this episode really well.



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