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Does Danny Die In ‘Beef’ ?: Netflix & A24 Production’s BEEF has officially released on the streaming platform telling us the story about two individuals Danny and Amy played by Steven and Ali respectively who were part of a road rage incident that brings chaos into their lives after the two develop beef between them constantly trying to get an upper hand on the other one.

What starts off as a BEEF between two leading characters develops into much more and in the last Episode what happens, gets us questioning whether Danny is alive or not. Here’s what happened in the show

Is Danny Dead Or Alive?

Danny and Amy get into beef and what follows is a chain reaction to the clash right in the beginning of the show. The two continuously try to get an upper hand and keep trashing one another and their belongings. However, their shenanigans end up getting both of them in trouble when George, Amy’s husband finds out that Amy had cheated on her and takes off with June and Amy blames everything on Danny. After the heist goes wrong and Amy is sitting in her car on a road, she finds Danny and starts to follow him, and the two crash when their cars go off the road into the wild.

What follows after is a human connection between the two as they try to navigate through what had happened and realize that life had been hard on both of them. It took a psychedelic berry to get each of them to understand their lives and how hard it had been to them and on the next day, they together find a way out of the wild into the normal civil Los Angeles but they’re found by George who is worried about Amy getting abducted and instantly shoots Danny making him hospitalized.

Amy is beside Danny who is in the hospital and as she looks at Danny, she realizes the exact moment when she snapped and it all went South thinking if she had not done that, Danny would’ve been fine. After that, she lays beside Danny with her head on his chest days go by until we see Danny’s hand coming up and resting on her back which means that Danny’s alive and this is also the ending that is wholesome and meaningful.

BEEF is currently streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.


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