Beef Episode 10 Recap And Explained: Netflix original and A24-produced black comedy-drama series “BEEF” consists of 10 episodes with an average runtime of 32-35 minutes. I have finally concluded the season by watching the final 10th episode of the show. Let’s dive straight into what all unfolded in the finale.

Episode 10 starts right at the shocking cliffhanger of episode 9, where the vehicles driven by Amy and Danny fall off a cliff. Two crows are cawing how Danny fed a crow and Amy scared another crow’s uncle at her home. Amy and Danny somehow survive the fall and a blood-covered Danny crawl out of his car. He sees a gun lying on the ground but as he shifts his vision towards Amy’s car, he finds them standing in front of him, pointing the gun at him. Amy is about to call the police but a few crows beak her head and Danny runs off.

Amy follows Danny through the bushes and Danny hides behind a giant rock piece. However, his bleeding leg leaves blood stains on the ground and Amy follows them. Danny tricks Amy, pushes her off a hill, and leaves to find help. Danny tries to message Paul but there is no network service. Amy wakes up from unconsciousness and finds her ankle sprained. Amy and Danny scream-talk, blaming each other for each other’s condition. Amy and Danny team up to find the road, with Danny carrying Amy on her back.

Amy asks Danny if he had any food. Danny takes a Skittles pack out of his pocket and eats it up himself. Amy pinches him and Danny makes her fall off his back. They see the gun, fight for it and Amy ends up winning. She orders Danny to find some aloe vera, elderberries, and agave to eat.

They end up eating something poisonous and vomit. Amy starts having hallucinations and sees multiple Dannys asking her weird question. Danny too starts hearing the voices of Paul and his parents. He too is having hallucinations and sees multiple Amys but feels better after throwing up.

Amy and Danny have a deep conversation about how they’ve always been happy and expected little things to complete them, how Danny should have been more connected with Paul instead of leveling him with himself, how Amy is not sure if George and June feel like home and the relevance of Amy’s waist tattoo.

They compare their inner feelings of being stuck as an empty-but-solid void right under the surface. However, the effect of the poisonous flora hits back and now, Amy is talking as Danny and vice versa. Danny and Amy end up being each other’s emotional counterparts because both of them understood what nothingness felt like. Though they felt like they were dying, they survive and laugh historically at their condition. They find reception and receive multiple messages. They are traversing their way through a tunnel when George shows up and shoots Danny.

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Danny is hospitalized with Amy sitting next to him. Amy mesmerizes her angry but wholesome moments with Danny and feels guilty about what all she did. She lies down beside him in the hospital bed and hugs him tightly. A chain of polychromatic light passes over them. Danny moves his hand to hug Amy, indicating that he is alive. And BOOM, the season ends.



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