Operation Nation Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Operation Nation is now available on Netflix in English and Polish languages with English subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie, so let’s get started.

The movie starts with a group known as Radical Youth Society, aka RYS, celebrating the birthday of their leader, Hitler. Cut to Staszek, who is living an ordinary life, and his boss is also very harsh, not giving him any contract or job. There was a girl named Pola, who is a left-wing activist. When she found her boyfriend cheating on her, she decided to return to her hometown of Białystok.

Staszek also has a cousin named Roman, who is a member of RYS. Currently, RYS is facing a trial, and after the trial, Roman was also recruited into RYS. In a meeting of the group, Staszek suggests they do a live stream to promote the group’s values. While Staszek was sitting in a bar with other RYS members, he was asked to attack a left-wing member. However, he found Pola really attractive and started flirting with her, but he ended up getting attacked. But he also managed to get her number and started imagining a married life with her, and they started dating after talking to each other for some time.

Meanwhile, Staszek’s parents are worried not about him as a member of RYS but whether their son is gay or not. Later, Pola goes to RYS’s new headquarters to do some research for her thesis, and Staszek tries to hide while she was taking the interview.

Later, there was a fight between RYS and the owner of the building. RYS attacked him because he is not white, and one of the group members, Mieszko, is stabbed by Roman. While RYS is protesting against this, the police try to stop them.

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Then Pola sees that Staszek is also in the group. After an argument, he tells Pola that he is like other RYS members, which breaks up their relationship. Later, he was also bailed out of jail because his father is a police officer.

Ending Explained

In the end, we see Staszek get a haircut and join the group of Romans. But his plan was to show him as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and leak the information of the group to his group. He was also joined by a fellow RYS member, and they both go to an LGBTQ+ party as a couple, where they come to know there will be a parade. But Romans have some other plans; he wants to place a bomb in the parade. Staszek tries to appeal to him not to kill people, but they do not listen.

He tries to call the police but reaches Pola, who is now back with her ex-boyfriend. After hearing this, she wants to help him. So, during the parade, there was a small conflict among them, but Roman takes the remote from them and presses the button. But the bomb does not go off, and we come to know that Mariusz has diffused the bomb.

In the end, we see Roman get arrested, and Pola and Staszerk started kissing each other. Her boyfriend can do nothing except watch them, and the movie ends.

The film is Now Available To Watch On Netflix.



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