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Paul Dead Or Alive In Beef?: Netflix & A24 Production’s BEEF has officially released on the streaming platform telling us the story about two individuals Danny and Amy played by Steven and Ali respectively who were part of a road rage incident that brings chaos into their lives after the two develop beef between them constantly trying to get an upper hand on the other one.

The show does not only contain a great leading cast but also supporting casts as well and one of the questions running around is whether Paul is alive or not. Here’s what you need to know about Paul and whether he’s alive or not.

Paul Death Explained

Paul is the younger brother of Danny who is in his early twenties and like all of them, he has a lot of business ideas but no proper guidance about where he needs to go. He does not like Danny because of how Danny operates and his behavior. Paul likes to spend his time gaming with his friends and does little to help out Danny.

In the ninth episode, we find out that the brothers have been forced to take Junie who Danny kidnaps mistakenly as a hostage to coerce Amy into giving money and they come to Jordan’s to rob her after Amy asks them to come and steal the crowns Jordan had collected.

When the Police arrive at the scene, Danny and Paul make a run for it. Paul takes Danny’s support and goes over the wall waiting for Danny’s hand so they would get out of the scenario and be done with it. But Danny realizes that throughout their childhood, he hasn’t let Paul out of his sight and it was his feelings to not end up lonely that he sabotaged Paul’s college prospects after not mailing his college applications due to which Paul didn’t get into college and had turned out this way.

When he comes clean to Paul about this, Paul leaves him there and instantly Danny hears gunshots thinking Paul had died. But at the end of the tenth episode, he gets a text from Paul saying that he’s blocking him, and that gets him relieved knowing that Paul is alive.

BEEF is currently streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.


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