A Shop For Killers Episode 7 Recap: Disney presents an action thriller South Korean series. This drama is a complete package of action and emotions. The emotional bond between lead roles Ji An and Jinman was the main attraction of this show.

The plot revolves around the death of Jinman, who’s handling a weapons shopping mall website, after his death, whole crime organizations will try to get hold of the shopping mall and also target Ji An, the niece of Jinman.

Episode seven begins with a group of Japanese people talking about Jinman’s delivery. They packed and delivered it to Honda, a good friend and weapon dealer in South Korea. He was mute for life, he opened the package and saw a woman inside the crate. It was Min Hye who was inside the package. Jinman rescued and packed her to his close friend.

A Shop For Killers Episode 7

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Honda took his gun against Min hye, but she showed an old mobile device with a message from Jinman. During her days at Honda’s place, she learned to assemble guns by herself. She worked as a cleaner. On the other side, Jinman visited his family after a long time, his mother was hospitalized and his brother was working on shifts. Jinman stayed with them for while. His mother asked him to take care of Ji An.

Jinman later visited his friend Honda at his garage. Min hye felt happy to see Jinman once again. Honda told him that Min Hye assembled the gun by herself. He asked Jinman to join his weapons shopping mall. Meanwhile, Seongjo and Bale planned a massive attack against Jinman’s family. They were adamant to kill his family at any cost. During the funeral of Jinman’s mother, after a stressful conversation with his brother, Jinman left home with Ji An, while his brother and sister-in-law stayed at the funeral home. Seongjo entered the funeral home and started praying in front of Jinman’s brother.

Later Seongjo took Jinman’s brother and sister-in-law to the rooftop and stabbed them with knife. Seongjo killed them brutally in cold blood. Jinman was on the way to the funeral home, a strange lady came asking for help while Jinman driving the car, it was planned by Bale to cause an accident on Jinman. Everyone started shooting against Jinman’s car, but somehow he survived the situation with the help Pasin.

Jinman got shot from the enemies, Pasin operated him and took the bullet out of his body. Jinman asked him a gun for an emergency, with that gun he went to Babylon’s boss house. He met boss’s family members, boss got worried about his family and the threat from Jinman. Jinman requested him to stop everything and avoid following him from now on. Boss accepted his request and told Bale to to stop everything because Jinman already said okay to stop the revenge against Bale.

Pasin followed Min Hye on a street, she caught him with a gun and asked her to join with Jinman. Meanwhile, Jinman found a perfect place to hide and start the weapon business which once started by his friend Honda, he took Honda’s younger brother, who’s a specialist in computer.

The seventh episode ends with Jinman starting murthered along with Pasin, Min hye and Honda’s brother. Babylon notified everyone to stop chasing Jinman and his niece, meanwhile, Bale was not at all happy with the decision of Babylon’s boss.

Bale cut the phone of Babylon without giving a no answer to stop the chase against Jinman. The upcoming episode is the finale of the first season of this show. Let’s wait and see how the makers going to end the terrific show.



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