A Shop For Killers Episode 2: Disney presents another eight episodic Korean action drama. The story revolves around a girl who’s surviving after the unexpected death of her uncle who heads an underworld weapon organization.

The second episode starts with a suspicious Chinese woman So Min Hye reaching Jeong Jinman’s location on a car. She opened the back door of the car and assembled the weapon. A set of drones were sent across Jeong Jinman’s house.

So Min Hye loaded the gun to shoot Jeong Ji An. The story now goes back to past events during the death of Jeong Jinman’s mother. Jincheon started shouting at Jeong Jinman for saying his mother’s death is suspicious and needed a proper investigation.

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Jeong Jinman’s mother had surgery for biliary tract cancer and suffered for five years. An unexpected guest arrived at Jeong Jinman’s mother’s funeral event. The man started praising Jinman and addressed himself as an old friend of Jeong Jinman.

A flashback of little Jeong Ji An kept showing throughout. Little Ji An woke up in the middle of sleep, and saw her uncle Jeong Jinman sitting alone and watching television. Ji An sat with Jinman and started a conversation. He told a small story lion who’s gonna die soon. Jeong Jinman motivated and gave courage to little Ji An. Jeong Jinman gave a simple task to Ji An, he ordered not to open any door until the person on the other side solved the riddle.

” What is a horse’s favorite sport ? “, that’s a riddle she had in mind, the real answer was stable tennis. A killer suddenly came to her house and started knocking, she asked the question, the killer already broke the door and come inside. An associate of Jeong Jinman suddenly got rid of that killer and showed the message with the right answer.

More people kept coming to her home. Sudden actions and blood splatter made little Ji An traumatized. Seong Jo, a brutal man started killing everyone in front of him. He came inside the home and started searching for Ji An, but she escaped through the windows. She jumped out of the building and started running, suddenly met an accident on the street.

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Ji An’s father and mother were brutally murdered at their mother’s funeral Home. Back-to-back tragic events happened in a short period. Little Ji An was admitted to the hospital, the killers started tracking her everywhere. Once they found her, she started running and hid under her mother’s dead body on the mortuary. Sudden shooting sounds came from outside, Jeong Jinman opened the box and took Ji An somewhere safe. A month later they changed their place and went to an untraceable location.

Ji An slowly started going to school, but she experienced so many hurdles. Her classmates started mocking her and bullied every time. Jeong Jinman and Ji An hadn’t talked for a long time after the tragic deaths of their family. Ji An learned to become strong and courageous after the traumatized experiences. Slowly she started talking with her uncle. Now story again goes to the present time where the suspicious Chinese woman walking around the house with a gun.

Jeong Min hacked into the dark website and found some secret codes. People who kill people are called code red. The body disposal and cleanup crew called a code red. Purple is code for people who buy and sell information like spies. The final code is green, those who have codes from Merthehelp may never attack code green, everyone should protect green code people. Operators of the help and only green code people are Jinman and Ji An.

The second episode ends with Ji and Jeongmin surviving the drone shooting attack of the enemies. Let’s wait for the next episode to see how they are going to survive the attacks.

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