A Shop For Killers Episode 4: Disney presents an action gangster thriller Korean drama with so much action and emotional touch. The story is revolving around a murderer’s shopping mall and the people surrounding the organization.

The fourth episode started with the past events of Jeong Jinman sitting on a trial at court for a case. The prosecutor asked questions to him, they wanted to confirm if he saw the defendant killing civilians. Juncheol calls Jinman and informs them that Bale is alive, Bale is on his way to Jinman’s mother’s funeral with Lee Seongjo. Jinman had an accident on the way to the funeral home, the enemies started shooting out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, enemies kept going on with their attack against Ji An at her house. Minhye tried her level best to overcome the bunch of enemies and kept killing everyone. She also killed the attacking team head Mr.Kim. Same time Ji An met someone inside the storage room, he kept saying, he is brother. He passed handcuffs to Ji An and Jeongmin.

Ji An fought with the masked man and removed his mask to see the face. Ji An during her school days used to go around with a guy but Jinman never wanted any boys around Ji An. Once again the past events appeared and Jian started minor fights with Jinman, but she was very weak in attacking.

Ji An started her martial arts training with the help of Pasin. She wanted a win a fight with Jinman at any cost. After a few days of training, she met some street thugs ragging a girl, she fought with guys but suddenly Jinman came to the spot.

The guy inside the storage room has been using surveillance cameras everywhere to look for Jian. He is allergic to light and looks like a weird guy. JiAn shouted at him for entering into her privacy. They fought and she tried to escape from him. Jeongmin got caught by that guy but still, Jian went hidden for some time. He hacked all the televisions and played a live video. He asked her to open a book near her, the book had these contents.

After the death of the current head of Murthehelp, all the ownership and duties go to Jian, the next sole owner of Murthehelp. Whoever is part of the murthered organization, should obey Jian’s orders. Everyone should risk their lives to protect Jian if the situation is needed. He waited for the consent of Jian to take ownership of murthehelp. She said yes to taking ownership.

She took away the gun from his pocket and asked him to let Jeongmin go. But the hacker didn’t accept because because of Jeongmin, Jinman died. Jian got confused about standing behind whom from nowon. She couldn’t trust both of them.

The fourth episode ends with Jian getting suspicious on Jeongmin, she thought about the past days when he was with her after Jinman’s death. The hacker told Jian to open a video folder. Jian tried to click the folder but Jeongmin started talking about her past events her, when she got trapped inside a school storage room, he was the one who informed Jinman at that day.

Jian asked the hacker to give medicines and gun to Minhye, inside the room Jeong-min started hugging her and said that day, he was the one who locked her inside the storage room. He took control of the surveillance room in the end and dozed off Jian. A post-credit scene came showcasing Seongjo and gang looking at a weapon box , finding out what really how the machine really works.

The next episode will give more truths about the death of Jinman. Let’s see how will Ji An survive the sudden attacks and tragic events.

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