Jeong Jinman In ‘A Shop For Killers’ Actor Name: Disney released another Korean action thriller in ten episodes with some spy elements as a treat to Korean action fans. The drama revolves around Jian when her uncle Jinman dies unexpected things start to happen revealing some mysteries.

Jeong Jinman is a strong man, labeled as an anti-North spy working for the NIS. He is less attached to the family members. He is a hard man to find and understand. His way of action is completely different from others. He is an excellent fighter and shooter. His knowledge about the underworld crime organization is beyond everyone.

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Jinman is always committed to his duties a hundred percent. His duties come first, then only family. He hadn’t seen his family for more than seven years. His mother and brother were always worried about him. Every time he shows up, he will be in some kind of trouble.

He is always seen as emotionless and silent nature. Inside his heart, he truly cares for his family. The unexpected murders of his family made him weak. Because of the incident, he went underground without anyone knowing. As the only family for Jeong Ji An, He should be there for her always. He stopped his offline duties and started taking care of Jeong Ji An.

Jeong Jinman’s courageous and fearless attitude towards the enemies made him lose his family. To survive at any situation, he started training Jeong Ji an. She is finally starts to know the truth about Jinman. He is the operational head of an underworld organization. He made his nephew as the partner of organization.

Jeong Jinman belongs to the Code Green community where everyone with a code should protect him at any costs. No matter how many attacks he needs to face, the other code category people should be there face it. Jinman is a visionary spy, his moves are a very unique and hard thing to catch up. He looks depressed and tired all the time. Everyone thought he died by suicide.

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His death marks Show that, he killed himself for no reason. Of course, it is really strange to see someone this talented and strong died of suicide. There are so many hidden layers surrounding Jinman, which will be revealed in upcoming episodes.

That’s all about the character of Jeong Jinman. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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