A Shop For Killers Episode 1 Recap, Summary and Explained

A Shop For Killers Episode 1 Recap, Summary and Explained

A Shop For Killers Episode 1: Disney presents another Korean action thriller drama in eight episodes. The story revolves around Jian a teenage girl who only has an uncle who gets the news that he is dead. As she gets to his home his real past gets revealed.

The episode starts with an announcement happening in a stranded place. The announcer warns people not to go outside today as Military firing training is happening today, so to avoid getting shot people should stay inside safe places and avoid coming outside. We see some people armed walking around the village. Cut to a bridge a guy sitting in a car with a sniper gun aimed at a house.

He fires the gun. We see 3 persons inside the home, 2 of them are wounded. Jeong Jian a teenage girl standing there, trying to retreat. But the snipper guy shoots as soon as she tries to get the gun.

We can see a flashback with Jian Jinman talking about blindspots while shooting. Suddenly she gets an idea and jumps to get a gun and shoots the snipper. Next, we see Jeong Jian in a police station, she beat up a pervert who entered the ladies’ washroom. Police checked the CCTV of the incident. The guy running his nose with blood. He looks very angry. As the police said to call her parents, she got a call from another police station. He tells that Jeong Jinman is dead.

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As she went to see Jeong Jinman she remembered the last time they saw her. He set up a room for her and installed CCTV for her security. He takes her school ID card photo in his phone and tells her to memorize her school ID number as it’s always the same for a person. She came at the mortuary and verified its Jeong Jinman. She noticed a tattoo written in Jeong Jinman’s body.

She does not know he had a tattoo, the tattoo was written “murthered” in it. She arranges for a funeral function and go back to Jinman’s home. Bae Jeongmin came to the house, he was her childhood friend. He arranges Jinman’s photo which is needed for the funeral. He tells her that he is a computer engineer, after he comes back from the army he helps Jinman with his website. Jeongmin says he was the last person who contacted Jinman so the police called him first to say about the death.

On funeral day Jian and the taxi driver who is also a friend of Jinman were there, and some of Jinman’s old friends also came to the funeral. As they are discussing Jinman no one clarity about who Jinman is, some say he is a spy in NIS some say he is in the mafia, and even Jian realizes she doesn’t know much about Jinman. When Jeongmin and Jian reach home, Jeongmin shows her Jinman’s very old model from his bathroom when he was cleaning.

Jian says they both had the latest model phones when they were in college itself. When she opened the phone she saw a message that someone deposited 70 million Won and asked for the product. When she checked his balance he had 18.7 billion won in his account.

She gets confused about can earn this much by selling hoses. She asks Jeongmin to open the website he made for Jiman, as they look at it they realize its a fake site a front site for a secret drak website named “murthered” which was tattooed on Jinman’s body. It’s a site that sells guns, they get a message for delivering guns, and she replies as the shop is closed they can return the money. But the anonymous guy asks if Jinman is dead, if that it then Jian will die today too.

At the end of the episode, some strange lady knocks on the door, she says she is a Chinese tutor to Jinman and came for today’s class. She said her name was So Minhye, she looked very suspicious and she had a gun in her bag. As Jian looks back some drones come in the direction of her home.

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