A Shop For Killers Episode 5 : Disney presents an action thriller Korean drama with ten episodes. Disney is again giving a masterclass in Korean dramas with high production value. The plot revolves around a girl whose uncle died unexpectedly; unrecognized individuals start showing up to encounter her.

The hidden secrets of her uncle and his weapon organization website start to be revealed. How she is going to survive the attack from enemies and still maintain the website is the core plot of the drama.

The fifth episode starts with a past meeting of Jeongmin with Jinman in front of his home. Jeongmin introduces himself as an old friend of Ji An, he adds that he was looking for a job. Back to present time, Ji An got tied up on a chair, and Jeongmin started talking on the phone with a stranger man.

The man on the phone asks him to hand over the online shopping mall sooner and, along with that, orders Jeongmin to kill Ji An. Jeongmin takes the gun from the table and points it at Ji An’s head. Once again, a flashback appears; Jeongmin was having a conversation with his friend about Murthehelp. He wants to be a perfect blue hat hacker one day.

Jeongmin and his friend walk to their room; they spot a stranger outside the room. When they open their room, there are already some unknown people standing. Suddenly, a thug beats his friend and orders him to hack Murthehelp for them.

Jeongmin successfully finds the IP address, but unfortunately, the thugs killed his friend. Jeongmin joins as an assistant at Jinman’s garage. He starts recording the garage with a pen camera. While Jinman is getting out of the garage, Jeongmin starts his search for new information regarding Murthehelp. He records the footage of documents and the computer screen.

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Jinman asks Jeongmin about his educational qualification. Jeongmin has a master’s in computer engineering, so Jinman requests help from him to repair his computer. Jeongmin starts checking Jinman’s computer; he repeatedly talks about his friendship with Ji An. Jinman replies that Ji An never had any friends in her school days; she’s alone all the time and won’t talk to anybody. When Jinman leaves the room, Jeongmin inserts his pen drive into Jinman’s computer and starts cloning information.

The hacker inside the secret room is silently watching everything on surveillance footage. On the present day, Jeongmin starts the video footage during the death of Jinman. Jinman catches and ties up Jeongmin on that day, but Jeongmin makes him believe that Ji An is under his custody; if Jinman didn’t die, he will kill Ji An. Jinman gets depressed upon hearing the news of Ji An’s missing; he goes to the bathroom and kills himself in a bathtub.

The fifth episode ends with an action sequence with Jeongmin and Ji An. They both are pretty desperate to kill each other; a sudden escape from Ji An causes an unexpected turnover. Ji An reads the Murthehelp journal; Jinman’s backup plan for escape is written on the pages. He arranged money, a place, a new identity, and agents for her safe escape.

A group of gangsters with weapons enters the house and starts shooting Minhye, the hacker, and Ji An, but they somehow survive. In the end, Pasin comes to rescue Ji An. Pasin informs her that Bale, the man who killed her parents, is back, and she needs to get ready for the war. Let’s see how she’s going to take her revenge and survive at the same time.



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