What Happened To Evangeline Navarro? : HBO original presents a six-episodic psychological murder investigation series. It’s the fourth part of the ” True Detective” anthology series. It’s a completely new story starring with detective Liz Danvers & her partner Evangeline Navarro.

After releasing of Final episode of “True Detective” Answers to many questions became clear to us. But it’s still become a mystery about ” Navarro” because she left without any clue. In this article article, we are gonna discuss what happened to our lead character.

Before starting the discussion let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. The story is set in a fictional town named Ennis where some scientists died mysteriously. Two directives are on the way to solve the mystery where they found a direct connection of this case with the murder of a girl that happened six years ago.

Navarro & her whole family is suffering from some type of disease. Her mother & sister died in this disease which is a kind of mental illness where they saw a visual of some person & went in her direction. Do you call it a disease at all? Or a curse .. or a blessing? Navarro also saw this visual which guided her to solve the mysterious case of Annie’s death.

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While she & Liz working on the case. She once told to Denvers that she would disappear to some unknown place. Liz brings up this subject & asks her to come back to Ennis city. Navarro also understands that her fate is on this City. But she also wants some peace. She left the Bear doll of Holden, died son of Liz & also put the statement of Clark.

So, she has done all the works that she do but is unable to forget her sister. She always got the visuals of her. So, putting down all the evidence & memories she left to an unknown path which must be a close distance from her Sister.

But we think that she didn’t die yet. Just left for some time. We must gonna see her back as she promised Liz Danvers that she will come back for sure. Her full name is Evangeline Siqiññaatchiaq Navarro. The word “Siqiññaatchiaq’ means ” return of the sun after the long darkness”.

So, in the last scene when all the pieces are perfectly fitted in its position we see Liz in her Abandoned house near the seashore. Surprisingly, we also see Navaroo was there too watching the Sun Rise near the river. So , she will be back for sure as the city needs her.

That’s it all about Navarro. All six episodes of ” True Detective: Night Country” is currently streaming now in JioCinema in Hindi and English language along with subtitles.



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