True Detective Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: HBO’s original presents a six-episodic psychological murder investigation series. It’s the fourth part of the ” True Detective” anthology series. It’s a completely new story starring with detective Liz Danvers & her partner Evangeline Navarro.

Previously we have seen Jules commit suicide & Liz found the man Otis. Otis hints to us about” Night Country“, to know what Night Country is, we have to know this episode. So let’s start the recap of episode 5.

But before starting the discussion let’s have a recap of the story of this series. The story is about a fictional city named Ennis, situated in Alaska. After the death of Six scientists in the Tsalal research center, Liz Danvers & Navaro find out the real connection of this death.

Navarro took the ashes of her dead sister. The way she holds it signifies how much she loves her sister.

Liz went to meet with Otis in the Hospital. Otis knows about The Tsalal Research Center but doesn’t know about the people who work there. Otis said he didn’t know anything about Clark in fact what he said about ” Night Country” is purely false that time in the dredge he might have been taking drugs. But one thing he mentioned that he heard from Clark is ” She’s awake “.

We are hearing this from the first episode. We are still not able to understand who wakes up. Liz remembered the voice of her dead son Holden who was saying the same thing to her “She’s awake”. Otis spoke about the Story 30 years back when he was in a cave. A man died in the trap of ice but Otis somehow succeed to coming out from that cave but there was a blizzard. He heard some screaming from the blizzard. When he & his people followed those voices everybody ended their life. Otis found himself in the hospital with damaged eardrums.

Liz showed him The map of the cave. Otis said the cave is in very bad condition of thin ice. She asked him to come with them but Otis didn’t wanna come without taking drugs. How does Detective Liz Danvers trust someone who is a big drug addict?

Liz & Navarro headed towards to the cave they understood that the cave was the property of “Silver Sky”. Liz is afraid that her Daughter Leah also join the protesters, Leah painted her face with black marks to be involved in the protesters. Other side, Liz & Navarro found that cave but the cave entrance had been blocked by someone.

"True Detective" Season 4 Night Country

Peter is unable to save his family & thrown out of the house by Kayla. Leaving the house he heard his dad playing music in the Guitar. Hanks’s music follows to the scenes where Leah goes to protest against to the miners. A deep sorrowful music dedicating what is the result of this chaos? The whole point of this show is heading towards to the Mine, ” Silver Sky Mining”. There must be something secret about it that are hiding.
Navarro reached where people were protesting. There she found Leah & arrested her. Later she called Liz & Liz asked her to bring her daughter in the police station.

Meanwhile, Peter reached in the Police station. He has done a lot more research & stuck in one place. The LLC grants that fund the Tsalal research center. The whole thing is backed by Turtle United again, the company that is funding the research center. The Turtle Company did four deals in Canada, two is in China, and one with Norbank Securities which is a founding partner of ” Silver Sky Mining”. So, from the Mines report the Tsalal Research Centre goes on.

We get to the love story of Kayla & Peter. How she fall in love with him during a match. In a match where Peter lost actually. In that match, Peter fell & Huey Larson scored. Everyone trolled him but only Kayla understood him. Because Huey’s father have a stroke, Peter fell down by own selves. Navarro asked Liz what she will do with her daughter. Liz accepts that Leah must learn what she have done so she might stay in Custody.

Because of the protest, Kate McKittrick & Connelly ask Liz to come & met them. She went to the ” Silver Sky Mining” again to meet with Kate. Kate showed her the CCTV footage of where Liz & Navarro went near that cave. She interrogates Liz because they two went in the “Silver Sky’s ” property. More thing, Kate informed that the scientist died in a weather event in which forensics are found.” Slab Avalanche” which is the cause of death of those scientists. Eardrums rupture, hallucinations everything is happening for this Blizzard.

That’s all, that’s how ” Silver Sky” tries to cover up the case & we understand Connelly is also involved in this conspiracy. Liz understood that & wanted to talk about this but Connelly wasn’t in the mood of interaction. He spoke about the William Wheeler case & Liz, Navarro’s conspiracy behind it. Like all other detective series here also high authorities asked to stop investigating the case further.

Hanks met with Kate McKittrick which is also increasing this conspiracy more. From the first episode, we understand that Hanks must be hiding something from Anne’s death case file to other things about “Silver Sky mining”. Kate said to him ” Danvers is gonna let this go” which means they are actually trying to get rid of Liz Danvers.

Kate Doesn’t want Liz should find the cave where Kowtok was murdered. She also got the clues from Liz that she is interrogating Otis Heiss. So, informed Otis to Hanks. Because she knows only Otis knows the place of the cave. Kate also knows that Connelly is a political man & he also sleeping with Liz Denver so he never gonna follow her order.

We are getting more truths about the character of Hank Prior. From the start, he remained silent because of money. He also did everything that Kate McKittrick said because he wanted to be the Chief of Police. Kate gives him a. Final task to eliminate Otis & he will got his promotion. What will gonna happen next? Let’s see.

As the night gets darker the case also gets dark too. From a local man, Navarro understood the meaning of the spiral symbol. He said the meaning of the special symbol glorifies as a warning for the Hunters. Warning from the place where the Ice would swallow them means the underground Ice Caves. It’s easy to crack the surface and then they can go into the caves.” night Country” is nothing just the caves hiding under the Ice.

Navarro informed it to Liz but things are really changed. Liz thinks everything is ended as Tsalal people died due to the bad weather. She also added that Connelly asked to stop this case. Navarro doesn’t want to change her mind she still want to continue this case by interrogating Otis. They are separated now but Navarro told Liz that it’s very crucial to continue to find the death of Annie. A moment of realization to hunting down the truth or surrender what Liz gonna do?

Before she gonna do anything first goes to meet her daughter Leah. She spoke about the fight of Annie which is still happening now. In these past three months, nine stillbirths are happened in nearby villages. We know previously Annie helped to give birth of stillbirths & now it’s still happening & no one is here to save.
Later, Liz started to continue the investigation no matter what rule gonna be broken. She understands that Hank is trying to talk with Connelly & supplying the information.

The Wheeler’s case was a top secret because Liz killed that man during the case. Peter’s father investigated his son’s laptop and collected all potential data about the case & sent it to Connelly. That’s how things became bad. Peter also investigated that whatever Liz said to him according to Wheeler’s case was totally wrong. As he thinks Wheeler didn’t commit suicide it must be Liz & Navarro who killed him. Peter’s assumptions is right & Liz confessed it.

Liz said it’s best to some time it’s good to break rules. That time they are unable to stop a man who done numerous crimes so Liz along with Navar kills that man. After agreeing it, she handover the keys of her shaft in the backyard of her house where Peter could stay as his wife threw out from his home.

After this, the relationship between Peter & Hank became worse. Liz went to meet with Otis & give him drug so he can guide her into the cave. She also asked Navarro to come as they again wanted to continue to investigate Annie’s case together. Otis showed him the way of the cave entrance is from the ” Niksik Pass”, which is a high point. After that she handed over the drugs to Otis & sent him into the bathroom. Unfortunately, Hank saw them together so he broke into Liz’s house.

Liz tries to control Hank but Hank is on the way to kill Otis. He killed Otis with two double shot & there was Peter in the shack too. Hearing the bullet sounds he comes too see what’s happening inside the house. Peter pointed the Gun in his dad’s head & Hank pointed the Gun in front of Liz whole Otis died . Hank just said he didn’t kill Annie he just moved her body & after completing the sentence he is on the way to kill Liz & Peter pulls the Trigger and kills his dad.

The series takes a big turn because Peter killed his own dead. A real mess was created inside the house & Navarro entered there. Liz thinks that it’s better to call Connelly but Navarro stops her because by doing this Letter might be arrested. Navarro thinks that they are very close to solving the mystery of Annie’s death case but before this, they might remove the dead bodies. Peter took charge of cleaning all the mess & Navarro said to take those bodies to Rose Aguineau & take him to Julia. He requested Liz to go with Navarro while he handling to clean this.

The episode ends here and it will be interesting to see what the show has to offer to us in Climax.

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