‘Tracker’ Episode 2 Recap and Explained: CBS original series ‘Tracker’ is now streaming on CBS Network and TV. The show revolves around a man named Colter who looks at the cases that contain rewards. Each episode of the show tells us about a new story and case. Here is the episode 2 recap of the show.

The episode 2 of the show starts with Colter’s Mom getting a note in her house, and it was written, “I am watching you.” Colter’s Mom then goes and checks her husband’s office, and she sees that everything is scattered. She immediately calls Colter, and they have no clue who is behind all this.

Colter gets another task, and he leaves for his next task where he has to find a missing person named Jackson. When he digs deeper, he gets to know that Jackson recently was in touch with a woman, and that woman is a con. She was using Jackson to get some money, and when Colter reaches the location of that con woman’s house, he sees that there is a camera surveillance setup in that house. When Colter is about to leave that place, he is attacked by some bodyguards who are guarding that place, but somehow he gets rid of them.

Upon digging further, Colter comes to know that Jackson is under the influence of an organization called Positive Late, and Jackson was completely influenced. Colter visits the organization, but there he is told to meet the main leader of that organization, Said, and there he meets Saws.

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Saws talks about Colter’s father, and he says that he knows some shocking truths about Colter and his father. Saws then again tells Colter that his mother is hiding secrets from him. Colter is then allowed to meet with Jackson, and there Jackson tells Colter that he wants to stay there and he doesn’t want to return home. He also adds that he is very happy and he is having his overall development there.

Colter puts his card and contact number in Jackson’s pocket and asks him to call or text whenever in need. The same evening, Colter gets a text from Jackson that he wants to meet him, and when Colter reaches there, he gets to know that it was a trap and Jackson is not there. Colter gets away from there.

Although everything about the organization was clean on the internet, there was one name that looks suspicious; there was a man named David who was working with that organization but later he was killed in a hit and run. When Colter investigates more, he gets to know that David knew some facts and dark truths about the organization, and that’s why he was killed.

While driving, Colter feels that he is followed by some car. He jumps out of his car and then gets to know that it was Saws’s men. He points the gun at that man and then enters into the organization in his car. He goes to the office, and there he finds some proofs about David and some other bad doings of Saws and Rebecca.

When Colter goes upstairs, he sees Jackson there, and he shows everything to Jackson. Jackson is shocked to see the truth, and in the meantime, Rebecca and Saws also reach there. Colter and Jackson somehow manage to get rid of them, and they hand them over to the Police. Jackson returns back home, and the Episode ends here.

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Although the story of Jackson ends here, there is a lot more in the series. It will be interesting to see how the show goes further and what we get to know more about Colter Dad’s death. As of now, 2 Episodes of the show are streaming In English audio along with subtitles.



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