Liz Golyar Now?: The docu-series ” Love, Stalker, Killer” is currently streaming now in Netflix with English language along with subtitles. Netflix presents the documentary series ” Love, Stalker, Killer” is a triangle love story with a tragic ending.

In the series or we can say in this real-life incident Liz aka ” Liz Golyar” is the most important character. In this article, we are going to discuss who is she, what she did & where she is now.

Who is Liz Golyar?

Liz Golyar is the first woman who met with Dave Kroupa. Liz is a very cool, energetic & down to earth woman. She is an animal lover & loves almost all pets. Basically, she was a cleaner & works in a cleaning company.
Liz’s likes & dislikes began to match with Dave Kroupa. They both love to watch sci-fi movies and heavy metal music. In fact, they both have a son & daughter. Almost perfect isn’t it? But there’s a little problem. Let’s know about it!

What did Liz Golyar do?

Liz is perfect for Dave Kroupa. But Dave recently got divorced from his longtime partner. So, he isn’t serious about any relationship. He also mentioned to her. One problem with Liz Golyar is that she is very possessive. She can’t see Dave with any other women she goes crazy.

When Dave started dating Cari Farver, she started getting jealous. One day Golyar watches Cari in Kroupa’s apartment. After that Cari went missing. After a long search police finally found that Golyar starved Farver & put her in her car on the same day. So the body of Cari was never found. After that, Golyar started abusing Kroupa giving him threatening messages.

In 2017, police found Farver’s dead body in Golyar’s SD Card.

Where she is now?

Liz Golyar stabbed Cari Farver but Farverst’s body was never found as evidence. Golyar was found guilty of committing a first-degree murder. She was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment. Also additional 20 years for framing Farver & staking Kroupa. Golya is serving her lifelong imprisonment in “The Nebraska Correctional Center for Women”.

That’s everything about Liz Golyar, where she is now & what she did. The docu-series is currently streaming now in Netflix with English language along with subtitles.



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