True Detective Season 4 Ending Explained: HBO original presents a six-episodic psychological murder investigation series. It’s the fourth part of the ” True Detective” anthology series. It’s a completely new story starring with detective Liz Danvers & her partner Evangeline Navarro.

The last episode was a thriller ride but it shows the family complications between Peter & Hank. We understand that Hank is a cop who takes money to cover up proofs. At the end of the series, Peter shoots down his father. On the other side, Liz & Navarro were ready to go to the cave. Let’s see what gonna happen.

But before starting the discussion let’s have a recap of the story of this series. The story is about a fictional city named Ennis, situated in Alaska. After the death of Six scientists in the Tsalal research center, Liz Danvers & Navaro find out the real connection of this death.

Navarro & Denver reached on the highest point of Ennis & broke into the cave. Entering there they both both speechless to see this big cave. Both of them started to explore the cave. They are unable to find their path as they don’t understand where to go, but Navarro listens echoing voices that guide them. But, going at that location they found a dead end. Suddenly the floor of the caves breaks down & they reach down.

True Detective Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Down there, they found another big mysterious cave but there they suddenly Saw Raymond Clark. They started to capture Clark & ended up into a secret lab inside the cave. Inside the lab they found that spiral sign in the ceiling which confirms that this is the place where Annie died. Liz also found a rod with a star shaped at the top, they realized that this is the murder weapon to kill Annie.

Looking closely into the lab they also another secret passage with a ladder. Liz went up through it & reached into the Tsalal lab. Danvers & Navarro both are looking Raymond Clark inside the facility. But, Raymond is one stop up from them as he knows the facility more than them. He attacked on Navarro & captured Liz but they were finally able to overpower him.

Later Navarro asked him If he really loved her & showed Annie’s video to him. They tortured him by playing on a loop.

Later, Navarro & Liz started to question him. Clark said, that Annie found some notes & found out what the researchers doing in the Tsalal research facility. Because she was very close to the truth, they decided to kill her.

Clark in True Detective Season 4 Explained

But the question is, What were they actually doing there?

Clark said, they were digging for the DNA of microorganisms contained in the Permafrost, which can save the world from various diseases. Luckily the researchers find a way to use it. But What did Annie have to do with it?

Clark said they did this research because of the pollution from the mine that helps to soften the Permafrost. They extracted DNA faster & less damage. In easy words, the researchers are pushing the mine to produce more pollutants. More water will be polluted the better the Permafrost was for their work. Annie mistakenly finds out everything & the conspiracy of Silver Sky Mining. She destroyed the whole Lab. After discovering it Lund stabbed her badly. Others also joined to kill her.

Raymond confessed that he didn’t kill her. But we saw a flashback scene where Raymond chocked her to death. Navarro asked why they cut her tongue but Raymond said they didn’t. In fact he added that a cop came to move her body ( basically referring Hank). So, Hank moved her body from the cave to the town & then cut down her tongue. That’s it.

Liz goes back to her dark past. She admitted that she wants to kill Wheeler but Navarro finished him.
Blizzard at outside & mobile signal isn’t working. Liz went back to more negotiations. Clark said , Annie comes back to avenge her death. We saw the researchers were hunted by some unknown power & Clark went to the underground chamber to protect himself. He stayed there till 1 week . Navarro & Denver didn’t trust him as Clark didn’t saw anybody infront of his eye because he was at underground that time. He also added that ” Time is a flat circle” & Annie alive.

Meanwhile, Liz got some visuals of Holden while she was falling asleep. She wakes up and sees that Navarro has taken Clark’s body outside. We saw hie Clark frozen to death. Navarro admitted that he went outside & just committed suicide. After that we saw a power cut inside the facility. The whole facility went into the darkness with some eerie voices. We saw some unusual scenes like Raymond is back & informing Navarro that ” she’s awake”.

Navarro afraid too much & said there must be something supernatural. But, Liz don’t believe this. Navarro also talk about Holden. Before Navarro say anything, Liz stopped her & said not to recall his name otherwise she will kill her.

Liz became so angry after this , so she walked away from Navarro. But after some time she back & saw that Navarro is walking on the ice & strong blizzard. She was following a voice watching inher visions. The voice invited her. In this chilling scene, we also see Liz getting some voices of Holden too. Beneath the ice she saw Holden & while trying to catch her she fall into the ice water. Luckily, Navarro rescued her . Liz already fainted & went into the visuals where she have a beautiful life with Holden. As she dreaming a beautiful life she moves towards to her death but Navarro tries a lot to Taken her alive.

Finally, she opened her eyes & ask Navaro what his son said to her. Navarro said he says ” He see her” which means little Holden can see her mother every time but she can’t. This whole scene was soo chilling.

Peter started to clean all the dead bodies inside Danvers house. Leah suddenly reached there. Peter said for a sudden emergency Liz Danvers left the house, he also amdited that he is upset because of Kayla. He drops Leah into Kayla’s house so that, Kayla don’t celebrate New Year all alone. Peter bring her into Kayla’s home. But, Kayla saw him & started to ask what’s really going on. She understood that Something wrong is happening with Peter. That’s why she said that she is gonna support him & also asked him back home after his work is done.

The Ending – Who killed Annie?

Peter agreed with what Navarro said, he went to meet with Rose. He started to breaking the ice & also thinking about his last life. Rose cuts the lungs of Hank so that the body cant float. After that she said Peter to throw this body into the water. Peter done this & felt relieved. Rose admited that she also felt same thing in past . Rose also said that it’s very hard to get away from this because after this the memories will haunt forever. After that we saw Aurora in the saw which is noting that it’s 15th day of night.

” Happy New Year” that’s how everything is on the way to and end. As the blizzard stopped Liz & Navarro from planning or getting our of this. Liz recalled that once Navarro said to her that she is going leave this city very soon but Liz teel her that she must back soon after wherever she going.

Who Is Annie in True Detective Season 4 - Actress Name | What Happened To Her?

As Clark died they are looking for more evidence. Clark hold the hatch to shut down himself when other researchers got attacked. Liz thinks that she could find fingerprints from it. By using the UV LIGHT they found the fingerprints there. They found some fingerprints with a fingerprints missing of two finger. It’s not that Annie’s ghost killed all the researchers there must be something else who knows that the Researchers killed Annie. looking at the fingerprints Liz remembered about Blair who haven’t two finger in her hand.
Liz & Navarro met that lady who works in a Crab Factory.

Bee informed that they working in the research facility. One day while working there , they discovered that underground lab. The ladies know that no one gonna help that, all the cops are corrupted too. So, they started evidence that proves that those researchers killed Annie. To take revenge the whole lady gang attacked the facility with guns & also put the Researchers into a container.
They captured everyone except Raymond Clark.

So, they took captured researchers & ordered them to open their dresses in front of gunpoint. After that, they set them free into the bitter cold. They make the symbol into their faces. But, Bee also informed them that if they can , they could wear a dress but they couldn’t because Annie was their front of them. Annie rose up in front of them as Goddess Sedna & punished them .

After everything, Liz & Navarro let them go because they also could the same thing to punish those researchers. Liz said the case also ended because it proved that that man died in an avalanche.

On May 12, in a press conference, Liz admitted that Otis was out in an observation in The Lighthouse which is a rehabilitation center. He died by the bullet fired from Hank’s gun. Right now, Hank has disappeared which is also a mystery. In the end, they also want to know about Navarro but Liz Admits that she has no idea about it.

Later, Liz went to Navarro’s house. A saddened goodbye by Navarro who left nothing but the polar bear if Holden. It says how Alaska is a mysterious place where people come to find something. ” something” that can’t be explained which is a very near definition of peace. Navarro left a record consisting of Clark’s confession. Clark admitted the way Sky Mining Facility polluting the city because he has working there are exactly 15 years. He also said it’s 11 times more harmful than their research facility. It caused cancer, stillbirths, birth defects & affected both the human & animal population. Liz uploaded it anonymously & claimed that Silver Sky Mining is harmful.

At last, we saw the Happy life of Liz with her stepdaughter Leah.

Peter is also back in his home leading a beautiful life with Kyla. But what about Navarro? She came here to do her responsibility & left the city. The whole series Ended with an emotional note. It seems everybody is back to their happy life but Navarro still comes to Ennis City to meet her dead sister & mom.

That’s how ” True Detective: Night Country” ended. It started with lots of expectations & theory. But ended with a small social message that how pollution leading global warming & also harmful to human health. Meanwhile, it also shows after death the soul still stays. The life of Ennis city is happy again when the Sun rises after a long night.

All episodes of ” True Detective: Night Country” are currently streaming now in JioCinema in Hindi, and English language along with subtitles.

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