Wedding Impossible Episode 5: Based on the novel “Wedding Impossible” by Song Jung-Won, Prime Video presents twelve episodic Korean rom-com dramas. To make the next successor of the LJ group, the chairman asks his grandson Lee Do-Han to marry Yoon Chae-Won of the Taeyang group.

To avoid it Lee Do-Han seeks help from Na A-Jeong his friend. Lee Do-Han asks Na A-Jeong to act as his wife for 3 years. But Lee Do-Han’s brother Lee Ji-Han who wants Lee Do-Han to become the next successor makes plans to make Na A-Jeong fall in love with him ao that their marriage will get cancelled.

The last episode was very good. The story is going on a very engaging path. The last two episodes were a change in their plot a bit. sah agrees to the marriage with Lee Do-Han. Na A-Jeong and Lee Ji-Han went to shopping mall land, and Lee Ji-Han said sorry for what he did to her. They met the shop owners who protested against Lee Ji-Han for not starting the shopping mall construction.

Na A Jeong gathers everyone and solves the issue for Lee Ji-Han. Lee Do-Han gets dressed for Na A-Jeong and they go to Lee Do-Han’s family gathering to introduce Na A-Jeong to them. Grandfather asks questions about Na A-Jeong’s relationship with Lee Do-Han.

Grandfather approves their marriage and tells Lee Do-Han to move his things here from New York. Other siblings are not happy with their grandfather’s decision and they make a scene in front of their grandfather. Grandfather slaps his grandson for talking against his decision. Another sibling slaps Lee Ji-Han in revenge for their grandfather’s doing. Lee Ji-Han tells Na A-Jeong that he will make her fall in love with him so that the marriage will be cancelled and his plan will work. Na A-Jeong tells her family about her marriage to Lee Do-Han.

Lee Ji-Han takes Na A-Jeong on a date, and they travel to Busan for a movie premiere. Lee Ji-Han introduces Na A-Jeong to her favourite director. They stay in a suite room that day. Lee Do-Han filled up his agreement and gave Na A-Jeong’s paper for her to fill out.

Na A-Jeong introduces Lee Do-Han to her parents. Lee Ji-Han meets Yoon Chae-Won and from there he sees some dating guys’ profiles. He sets up a date with a guy and Na A-Jeong without Na A-Jeong knowing. That guy was a bad guy and after knowing it Lee Ji-Han rushes to her and saves her from that guy’s harassment. Lee Ji-Han proposes to Na A Jeong and falls on her shoulder because he finished a full bottle of alcohol and lost his balance.

The next episode promo showed that things are getting out of hand now. Lee Ji-Han falls for Na A-Jeong and Na A-Jeong gets attached to Lee Ji-Han. Lee Do-Han forces Na A-Jeong to go to New York with him. What will be the reaction if Lee Do-Han sees Lee Ji-Han and Yoon Chae-Won dating?

Episode 5 will release on Amazon Prime on March 11 and Episode 6 will release on March 12. The first four episodes are available on Amazon Prime with Korean language and English subtitles.



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