Wedding Impossible Episode 4 Recap and Explained: Prime Video presents their rom-com Korean drama “Wedding Impossible” with twelve episodes more than one 1hour of runtime for each episode. Na A-Jeong is a hardworking junior artist in the film and series industry, her friend Lee Do-Han asks for her to act as his wife to avoid the pressure of his grandfather to make him the next successor of the LJ group.

Na A-Jeong lost her job and she is from a middle-class family with a lot of dreams, so she accepts the offer for the money. Lee Do-Han’s brother Lee Ji-Han is not happy with Lee Do-Han marrying Na A-Jeong because it will destroy his plan of making his brother the next successor of the LJ group. As things going move to a marriage Lee Ji-Han starts to make love with Na A-Jeong.

Episode 4 opens with old news playing on tv about the death of Lee Do-Han’s mother which are being watched by Na A-Jeong’s family. They are worried about Na A-Jeong’s future if she gets married into that family. Cut to Lee Do-Han’s home, his grandfather accepts his marriage with Na A-Jeong.

Grandfather tells Lee Do-Han to move here by taking all his things from New York. Other siblings are not happy with this as Lee Do-Han gets management. The elder grandson shouts at his grandfather about not picking him as the next successor and giving to the mother’s second husband’s son. Grandfather slaps him and warns him to not tell things like this ever. He and other siblings leave the room. But one of the siblings slaps Lee Ji-Han who was standing outside the room while going.

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Lee Ji-Han tells Na A-Jeong that he will steal her from Lee Do-Han. Lee Ji-Han says he will make her fall in love with him soon. The Father of other siblings come to the company and mocks Lee Ji-Han. He and his children discuss the current scenario of shareholders. Cut Na A-Jeong, is boxing with her sister’s husband. She is fighting very hard for him. She is angry with Lee Ji-Han because he allowed getting slapped yesterday for no reason from his sister. Na A-Jeong goes with her sister for a walk. Suddenly Lee Ji-Han calls Na A-Jeong about asking where she is. Lee Ji-Han comes in a very luxurious car in a well-styled dress to her. She picks up her and tells her this is a date.

They go to Busan in business class on a flight. There is a movie premiere happening there and only VIPs have entry. Also, the film director is Na A-Jeong’s favourite director. After the movie, Lee Ji-Han introduces Na A-Jeong to the director she admires. She meets the heroine of the movie there, apparently, she bullies Na A-Jeong every time she is on set or outside.

All this trip was to get revenge on her for Na A-Jeong. She didn’t get a suite room as it was booked by Lee Ji-Han for Na A-Jeong. She couldn’t get entry to her favourite restaurant because it was booked by Lee Ji-Han for Na A-Jeong. They both stay in that room that night.

They come back to their home. Lee Do-Han gives Na A-Jeong the agreement papers. Lee Ji-Han to Yoon Chae-Won to sign some papers and see some dating guys’ profiles there for Yoon Chae-Won. Lee Ji-Han set Na A-Jeong for a date with a guy and Lee Ji-Han goes for dinner with Yoon Chae-Won. Suddenly waiter comes and tells the guy who is now with Na A-Jeong is a bad guy. Lee Ji-Han goes out to see her. Yoon Chae-Won drops him at the restaurant.

The guy who came to date her was harassing Lee Ji-Han. He talks rudely and tells Na A-Jeong to come to his room else he will write bad things about the article. Lee Ji-Han comes and drinks a full bottle of alcohol and takes away Na A-Jeong from there. Na A-Jeong says she doesn’t like Lee Ji-Han getting bullied in front of her. Lee Ji-Han proposes to Na A-Jeong that he likes her and suddenly he loses his balance because of the alcohol and sleeps on her shoulder.

Overall the episode was really engaging. This episode had more romantic scenes with Na A-Jeong and Lee Ji-Han. The comedy scenes were really worked out in this episode. The next episodes will be more interesting.



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