Na A Jeong In “Wedding Impossible”: Amazon Prime released “Wedding Impossible” a twelve episodic Korean romantic comedy-drama. The story is about A-Jeong a junior artist helping her friend Do-han who is the next successor of LJ group by having a contract marriage for money.

Do-han is asked to marry Chae Won of Taeyang Group and become the successor of his grandfather’s legacy. But Do-han has a boyfriend in New York and he needs to leave all these businesses and have a different life. In order to escape from this Do-han lies to his grandfather that he has a girlfriend which is A-Jeong his school friend. On the other hand, Ji-han brother of Do-han tries his ways to make Do-han the successor of LJ Group.

Na A-Jeong’s character is played by Jun Jong-Seo Korean actress. She is a famous Korean actress. She got popular for her acting as Hae-mi character in the Korean movie Burning (2018). The movie was very popular which made her known to many people and made many fans. She did an excellent job in all of her movies and series. She is very beautiful and matches her roles very well. She has that passion for acting and does the roles seamlessly.

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She also won Best Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for her acting in the movie The Call (2020). She also got international fans for her performance in the Netflix original series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and the movie Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (2021). She is an uprising actress in the Korean industry. As for this series Jun Jong-Seo lived as A-Jeong. She did very well in that role without overdoing anything, we can see how naturally she acted in this drama.

Na A-Jeong is a young passionate girl who works as a junior artist. Unlike others, A-Jeong puts extra effort into doing the job at best. She does her homework before going to her next role. She is a very talented actress but people always avoid her to taking main roles and give only very short roles. Na A-Jeong and Do-han have been friends for 15 years. They met after these years again. She faked the real job of her being a junior artist and not rich to Do-han. She doesn’t like to tell him that she has not achieved anything after all these years. A-Jeong had a passion for acting even from her school days.

She lives in a middle-class family and she couldn’t afford to have a heart transplant for her father. Even if Ji-han offered her money, she didn’t accept it. When she got a role as second lead in a drama without knowing the role was by the recommendation of Chae Won and Ji-han she got very sad. She is a girl who goes in a direct path to achieve her goals, not through nepotism.

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She got angry with Ji-han because of that reason. Just for that, she accepted Do-han’s marriage contract proposal. That’s all about the character Na A-Jeong. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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