A Gentleman in Moscow Episode 5 : Paramount Plus presents a limited periodic drama series called ‘A Gentlemen in Moscow’. The plot happens during the Bolshevik revolution, A royal family member named Alexander Rostov gets arrested for publishing a poem related to revolution. The Bolshevik party thought the poem triggered many people and because of that reason, the Bolshevik party banned him from wandering around Russia for the rest of his life.

The Bolshevik party orders their soldiers to shoot him on the spot if ever gets out of a hotel, where he has been staying as a prisoner. This limited series is an adaptation of Amor Towles’s acclaimed novel ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’.

A Gentleman in Moscow‘ is a historical drama series created by Sam Miller and Sarah O’Gorman. The first episode of the show premiered through Paramount Plus on March 29, 2024. This periodic series contains eight episodes in total with a minimum duration of forty minutes. The story happened in Russia, during the Bolshevik Revolution.

The first four episodes of the show got very positive responses from drama lovers across the world. The story deals with the life of Alexander Rostov under the custody of Bolshevik party inside the Metropol hotel in Moscow.

The fourth episode dealt with many unexpected events. Alexander Rostov completed ten years at the Metropol Hotel as a hostage. He didn’t even try to leave the hotel premises because of the ban from the Bolshevik party. In the meantime, Alexander Rostov mingled with the hotel staff and the management, he found out a job for himself. Alexander Rostov started working as a waiter at the Metropol Hotel, even if he was in a low-tier job, he never looked down on himself, he enjoyed his job with a happy face.

Anna Urbanova and Alexander Rostov continued their secret relationship. They were sleeping together most of the day. Nina grew faster in the meantime, she became a mature girl. Nina visited the Metropol hotel once and expressed her views with Alexander Rostov.

The last episode introduced a new character to the show. Minister of Culture Alexei Nachevko were present in the last episode. Osip once mentioned his name to Alexander Rostov, in order to find out his secrets. Alexander Rostov denied Osip’s request at first, but Osip once again blackmailed him and made Alexander Rostov accept the order.

Anna Urbanova showed some interest in Minister Alexei Nachevko, but Alexander Rostov didn’t like her approach to the minister and told her to stay away from him. During Nina’s visit to the Metropol Hotel, She remembered the memories shared with Alexander Rostov. He showed the secret door to the roof of the Metropol hotel.

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At the end of the episode, years later, Nina took her daughter to Metropol Hotel to assign Alexander Rostov as the guardian. Nina went looking for her husband and Alexander Rostov took care of her child.

‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ episode 5 is planned to be released on this Friday through Paramount+ around the world. The makers planned to release one episode per week untill the finale episode. The fifth episode will be premiered on April 26th, Friday.

Out of a total eight episodes, paramount+ already released four episodes so far. The first four episodes of the show is currently streaming through Paramount+.



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