Lee Ji Han In ‘Wedding Impossible’ : Based on the novel “Wedding Impossible” by Song Jung-Won, Amazon Prime presents twelve episodic Korean romantic comedy dramas. Do-han and Ji-han are from Chaebol who runs LJ group. Their grandfather is retiring from this seat and decided on his next successor Do-han.

But in order to make him successor he needed to marry Chae Won from Taeyang Group. But as Do-han has a relationship with a guy, he declines to marry Chae Won. To escape from grandfather Do-han tells a lie that he is in a relationship with A-jeong. As the problems start to increase Do-han asks A-jeong to act as his wife for 3years in exchange for money. A-jeong accepts the offer but problems start after that is the plot of the series.

Lee Ji-han is from Chaebol family who runs LJ Group played by Korean actor Moon Sang-Min. Moon Sang-Min is one of the young actors who is very passionate in acting. He did only very less dramas but his role gave him some fame in the industry. Coming as the main male lead in this drama will be a turning point to his career. He did a role in the Netflix original series “My Name” too, where the drama had an international audience.

Moon Sang-Min has a charming handsome look which makes him more suit for the character of Lee Ji-han. Playing as Lee Ji-han is very well handled by Moon Sang-Min, a role that has equal importance to his brother’s character. The screen space for Ji-han is almost similar to his brother’s character Do-han. But Moon Sang-Min’s charmness makes him unique in that character. Moon Sang-Min is best known for his acting in Under the Queen’s Umbrella and Duty After School. He also won the Best New Actor award for his acting in Under the Queen’s Umbrella at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2023.

Lee Ji-han is a very talented, skilled, and active person who works very hard to make his brother the next successor of LJ Group. We see Ji-han in his different ages in episode 2 working very hard studying to get accepted by his grandfather. Ji-han’s mother and father died at a young age. He with his brother got adopted to the family by his grandfather.

They are not the true heir as their father is another guy who is also dead. From that day Ji-han worked very hard to make a successful future. He studied day and night to become what he is now. But still, his grandfather did not accept him as his heir.

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So Ji-han tries his best to make his brother Do-han the next successor of the LJ group. At this time he meets A-jeong and opposes her getting a fake marriage with Do-han. Marriage of them collapsed all the dreams he had which was making Do-han the next successor. Ji-han has a liking for A-jeong, he asks a favour from Chae Won to give a good role for A-jeong in a drama. But it made A-jeong angry and she accepted the marriage proposal. All this gives Ji-han a headache as his plan will be destroyed with a girl.

That’s all about the character of Lee Ji-han. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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