Death And Other Details Episode 10: Hulu presents a seat-edge thriller investigation series. The plot revolves around a bunch of wealthy people travelling on a vacation with Collier’s family, an unexpected murder happens on the cruise ship, then it is followed by many other deaths. A parallel investigation will happen on the current murders and a murder from the past, this starts to reveal many secrets of Collier’s family.

The finale episode begins with the bomb blast at the engine room of the cruise ship. Kira told Imogene to come along with her, also there was another ship on the way to evacuate every passenger. The bomb they planted made the passengers worried and also destroyed the servers. Kira took Imogene on a boat, then later they boarded a flight.

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Kira promised Imogene that she would explain everything to her. Imogene Scott got emotional and asked Kira why she her alone all these years. Kira starts explaining everything from the past, on the day after meeting Alexandra at dinner, the colliers send men to kill her. The commander man helped her during the situation.

Meanwhile, everyone survived the blast, they evacuated everyone from the sinking ship into a new ship. Rufus Coteworth kept searching for Imogene Scott, he started missing her already. Sunil and Teddy got emotional when they saw their sinking ship. Eleanor went to comfort Anna, but she was told not to appear in front of her ever again. Meanwhile, Kira said that she did everything for her revenge and she killed only the corrupt people. Imogene Scott asked her why she killed Danny, an honest man who wanted to solve her case for the child. Kira looked disappointed and said some things won’t go as we planned and she had to kill him to continue her revenge.

The flight landed on a random unknown place, there was a big godown, and Kira opened the door and shown a large network of staff and computers. Kira used to blackmail wealthy people with their dirty secrets, she earned a lot of wealth from all this. Imogene Scott didn’t like the way she did her revenge and also her current affairs. Imogene Scott asked Kira to stop everything and to join with her for a peaceful vacation from all of these. Kira accepted her request and went to a faraway location with Imogene Scott.

The place is full ice and snow under the mountains, they two were skating and enjoying happily as mother and daughter. Kira felt tired after some time and asked Imogene Scott to take some rest. They went back to their hotel, which is owned by Kira herself. Imogene went to her room, but Kira stayed at the reception for drinks. Kira started attending calls from her organization and talked about her blackmailing business. After everything, she still continues her blackmail business without Imogene’s attention.

Anna is having a pool party with two girls along with her. The three have a good time on the swimming pool, drinking alcohol and kissing each other. On the first floor of the villa, Leila is talking with Tripp Collier about her condition. Leila confirmed that she wanted a divorce and she was going to leave the family. Tripp was disappointed about her breakup, her messed up sister, her dad having memory loss and her mother died. The Colliers family going through a hard time and Leila also leaving them. Months later, Teddy was seen arranging everything in the kitchen and asked where’s Winnie.

Imogene Scott and Kira were having lunch at the hotel, She talked about how Kira escaped that blast in her past. Kira explained that Imogene Scott didn’t look back when she left the car, Kira spilt her blood and teeth inside the car and left there before the bomb blast. Everyone thought she died in there, but actually, the commander planned her escape.

Imogene confronts Kira and says she already knows about the blackmailing happening behind her. Imogene already knows that Kira didn’t stop her crimes. Unexpectedly, Rufus Coteworth joined the table with them and explained about the crimes Kira had done. Teddy, Jules and Leila also came in surprisingly.

Kira had a gun hidden under the table, but Jules already exchanged it with a dummy gun. Suddenly, everyone at the hotel stands up and Kira finds out that they are real Interpol.

The Interpol took her into custody, and later Imogene and others found out that she escaped from them and killed every officer at the same place. In the end, another shocking twist also appeared, Anna is the one who murdered her mother, but unfortunately, Kira witnessed the murder and took her assets in control of her.



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