Will There Be Another Season of “Shogun”?: FX presents a ten-episodic historical action drama series ” Shogun ” is currently streaming now on Hulu & Disney plus Hotstar. “Shogun ” became the most popular series of this year. The ten episodes of this series make it superior just like the Famous “Game Of Thrones” series.

As the series ended with the final episode, people wanted to know when the next season of this series would come, So in this article, we are gonna discuss it. Before we start our discussion, let’s have a quick review of the Story of this series. The series is based on the best-selling classic novel by James Clavell of the same name. The series is set in the 1600s Japanese era when warlord Toranaga fights with the Council of Regents.

The ending of this episode ended very dramatically. It’s well crafted by the makers. We see Toranga talking about the future of Yabushige. We see a small glimpse where Toranaga winning the fight. He got help from Lady Ochiba as she wanted to take her son away from any battle. In the secret letter, she mentioned that she would stop helping Ishido at the crucial points of their war.

As Heir’s mother means Ochiba stop helping Ishido, he will be in danger. Soon, the other reagent will stop helping him. So, Ishido ended up being drafted. That’s what we saw in a future glimpse of Shogun.

Till now, We haven’t seen Toranaga as Shōgun, it will be in the next very soon. Till now FX isn’t confirmed about its second season. From the starting it was a limited series so we can’t confirm about its renewal.
But makers want to go with where the book ended. So, hopefully, we must see a surprise confirmation or it will end this way.

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So, we haven’t any official news but we will surely update you as soon as we got any news.

All ten episodes of “The Shogun” series are currently streaming now on Disney plus Hotstar & Hulu in the English language along with subtitles.


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