Wedding Impossible Episode 3 Release Date, Time: Amazon Prime presents Korean rom-com drama in twelve episodes directed by Kwon Young II who did “Doom At Your Service” Korean drama before. This drama revolves around A-jung a middle-class family girl trying her best to achieve her dream of becoming a well-established actress and Ji-han who is the grandson of LJ Group chairman who is not accepted as the next successor trying his best to get accepted by his grandfather.

A-jung who is a friend of Do-han accepts his proposal for a contract marriage to avoid getting married to Chae Won which makes him the next successor.

Last two episodes were an initial introduction to the characters and the plot. The story starts with A-jung a junior artist, who works very hard to get a role as the main lead. She does her homework for all the acting roles she gets. She went to the wedding ceremony and acted as a friend of the wedding girl. Ji-han is the grandson of LJ group chairman but he didn’t reveal his identity as a grandson at the company. He tries very hard to get accepted as real heir. Do-han came from New York to meet their grandfather as he faked he is not well.

Wedding Impossible Episode 3 Date

Grandfather tells Do-han to marry Chae Won of Taeyang Group and become his next successor. But Do-han has a gay relationship with a guy in New York. So he denies the marriage proposal. Do Han meets his old friend A-jung from school after 15 years? When Ji-han asked the reason for not accepting the marriage proposal, Do-han told.

At the birthday celebration of the LG group chairman, he was going to announce his next successor Do-han. Do-han invited A-jung there, and he gave a proposal to A-jung for a contract marriage with him for 3years so that he could escape from his grandfather. But A-jung declines his offer. Some guys come looking for A-jung but Ji-han comes there and take her in Do-han’s car. Later while driving she jumps out of the car. Then wake up in Do-han’s house.

Ji-han tells about Do-han’s real situation to her. She still declines the offer of Do-han. Later she meets up with Ji-han, and as they drink they get more drunk and walk to her home. Chairman was waiting for them and saw them drunken, they got into the car and talked about Do-han and grandfather. They revealed many lies they told Grandfather. The next day they were having breakfast with the chairman, A-jung promised him that she will break up with Do-han.

Ji-han meets Chae Won and asks for a favour to give a role for A-jung in a drama. A-jung went for shooting but later she got to know she came there with a recommendation to replace another artist. She gets depressed and walks away. Ji-han try to console her and says sorry but she hits his nose and curses him that he will get to a situation like this in future and he will cry like this that day. Last episode ended with her calling Do-han and accepting his offer of contract marriage.

The next episode’s promo showed that they are planning to make the marriage happen. We see A-jung telling her parents about her marriage and they are shocked hearing it. Ji-han also trying to avoid the marriage. Do-han asks Chae Won about her liking of Ji-an.

Episode 3 will release on Amazon Prime in March 4 and Episode 4 will release on March 5. The first two episodes are available in Amazon prime with Korean language and English subtitles.



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