Death And Other Details Episode 9: Hulu presents a mystery suspense thriller show called ‘Death and other details’. The show completely focused on a cruise ship. The unexpected deaths occurred during the luxurious vacation trip of Collier’s family and the follow-up investigations are the core plot of the show.

Death and other details premiered on January 16, 2024, through Hulu. The show has a total of ten episodes, already eight episodes have already been released. Each episode from the show has a minimum duration of fifty minutes. So far each episode ended with an excellent ending with twists and cliffhangers. The last episode ended with many shocking twists.

The last episode discussed more about the Collier family and their business. The ship went into complete chaos after the sudden death of Llewellyn. Imogene found out that Celia Chun was somehow connected to Collier Mills years ago. She confronted her and asked her about it. At the same time, Leila came out of the secret room of Victor Sams. She talked with Tripp about the affair of Eleanor and Anna. Tripp was already in depression after the death of Governor Alexandra.

Death And Other Details Episode 9 Date

Anna tried her best to get back with Leila, but Leila already fixed her mindset to get a divorce. Jules got out of the prison inside the ship with the help of Imogene Scott. Teddy got depressed after the death of Llewellyn. The power shortage made the situation at the cruise ship even worse. Teddy and crew members tried their best to resolve the situation. Katherine Collier requested Celia Chun to make Anna as the next CEO of Collier Mills. Celia Chun exposed the shocking secret of Anna’s real father, Llewellyn.

Imogene asked Lawrence Collier about her mother’s death. He confirmed that he was angry on Kira at that time and he hired someone to do the work. In the end of last episode, Katherine Collier was found dead at the pool. A group of men came on a helicopter and knocked out the agent Hilde. They all working for Viktor Sam’s, and finally they took control of the ship.

The upcoming episodes will be crucial for the show. The next episode will showcase Viktor Sam and his crew. His supporters hijacked the whole ship with weapons. The Interpol Agents have no chance to protect everyone from Victor Sams. Sunil and Jules find a hidden bomb inside the ship which makes everyone worry about their lives. Viktor Sams already planned everything years ago, which he will execute in upcoming episodes. The real identity of Viktor sams is yet to be revealed properly. The upcoming episodes will have so many deaths for sure if things go like this.

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‘Death and Other Details’ episode 9 Date is officially announced by Hulu. The ninth episode is scheduled to premiere on March 5th. Out of a total ten episodes, they already released eight episodes through Hulu. They have been releasing one episode per week. The next episode will arrive next Tuesday. Let’s wait to witness what Viktor sams plans to do with the travellers in the upcoming episodes.

All eight episodes of ‘Death and other details’ now streaming through hulu with English subtitles.



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